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Emily Benham

makeup artist

Emily Benham

Glendale, AZ

-Enhancing true beauty is my passion!
-Im a kind hearted person who just wants to brighten your face and your day!
-I live for the moment a client tells me how beautiful i made them feel!
-Finding a persons inner beauty is the most important thing to me, it comes before the outter appearance!

Hey Hey pretty girls and or guys! My name is Emily Benham, im 23 years old. Im from the small town of old town orange California but i am currently living in Glendale Arizona and makeup is and always will be my passion. When your my age you always see people in movies or tv shows finding that one career that they were born to do. Not many of us think it'll ever happen to us, but it happened to me! Makeup is my life and i do have to say that my obsession began with just wanting to look pretty. As i got more into makeup and learned the meaning behind it, my outlook changed drastically for the better. makeup isn't about putting on a mask, its about knowing your beautiful regardless of the how much or how little makeup you wear. Although my obsession never changed i did learn how to take my talent to the net level by tackling something a little more difficult than just slopping on some foundation, i learned how to makeover my insides first. Its so important to me that i teach women how important it is to love themselves "naked", and then we can learn the fun stuff: MAKEUP! I like to form a friendship with my clients, im someone they can trust and someone who they can rely on. So in the process we'll become friends, share secrets, learn about ourselves and get all dolled up! I have a large amount of makeup application experience, ive helped with beauty pagents, weddings, school dances, The very first music video starring "Breaking Day" and even little girls birthday parties. I want my clients to feel comfortable and relaxed so i try and work out a payment plan that you can handle. I also like to have trial consultations with all my clients before big days especially weddings! I look forward to doing business with you<3 xoxo Emily Lorene Benham


Bridal makeup

brides- makeup +hair style+ constultation : $120.00
brides maids hair style+ makeup : $60.00 per person
family and children( makeup or hair only) : $30.00 per person

Other makeup services (ex. dances, birthday parties, special occasions)
flat rate : $40.00

(prices may vary)

false lashes : $10.00
Hair style: $20.00

Travel fee : $20.oo flat