Melissa Gonser

event planner , wedding planner

Melissa Gonser
Saint Louis, MO

Turn your simple event into An Elegant Affair

My name is Melissa Gonser. I am a nineteen year old girl who enjoys being creative and planning things. Fortunately, being an event planner combines both of these elements together and allows me to be creative when planning an event or wedding! My personal taste when it comes to design is elegance and girly. I love working with flowers and colors such as pink and purple. However,I am very open to planning any type of event and creating any type of design that the client wants!

I grew up in St.Louis, Missouri with my family of two sisters, one brother and amazing parents. I was home schooled my entire life which I count as a blessing because it allowed me to get a great education. After I graduated high school, I was unsure what I wanted to do for college. I decided to enroll in the QC Event Planning courses and I just recently finished it. I am still planning on attending a college, though I am still unsure what I will be going for. Although this will my first time to plan professionally, I have been planning birthday, Christmas, Halloween,and Valentines Day parties for my friends and family for years. I am looking forward to gaining more experience and planning different types of parties!


My services include both event and wedding planning. From finding a venue for a wedding to creating a craft for a kid's party, I can do whatever needs to be done to make your event amazing.These are the locations I offer my services:
South county
Webster Groves
St.Louis city
These are some of the elements I can plan for your event:
Party Favors
Wedding Cake
Wedding Officiant
Bride and Groom attire
If you have any questions about these elements or any other services you need accomplished, Please feel free to contact me!I look forward to hearing from you!