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Tailor-made wedding planning, that's all about you.

Like you, ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed about my wedding. What would my dress look like? Would it glitter and sparkle? Would I wear flowers in my hair? Would my cake be a beautiful masterpiece, too spectacular to eat? Would I have flower girls scattering petals as I walked down the aisle? Would I look like a princess with my beautiful hair and make-up? Would I get married in a church or in a garden? Would I be able to hold back the tears as I walk down the aisle with my dad as proud as can be? And most importantly, would everything go to plan?

My dress was perfect, I wore a flower in my hair, my cake was a tower of beautiful cupcakes, my cheeks glistened under the sun’s rays and I had never been more in love with my prince until that day. It was amazing.

Did everything go plan?……No! But those things are the fun stories that we have to look back on in fondness!

But, that was my wedding and now it is yours.

I am just as passionate about your wedding as I was my own, and now, my passion is entirely all about you.

What are your dreams? How can I help to make them come true for you?

Whatever they are, I can work with you on the whole dream, or just a part of it that you need a little extra guidance on. Nothing is impossible. Everything is achievable.

If I could bottle the amazing elative feelings that I felt on my wedding day and sell them, I would be a millionaire! Unfortunately, I can’t. However, I would be honoured to do everything within my power to assist you in having the most perfect wedding and experiencing those feelings too. They’re incredible!

For the most-part of my career, I have worked in marketing agencies, managing hundreds of projects, organising spectacular events and perfecting my scrupulous organisational skills. I’ve had some amazing experiences over-time and gained invaluable experience that will be a tremendous advantage to my career in planning your wedding.

However, passion and dedication can not be taught and it is these qualities that I have in leaps and bounds, which I offer to you with all my heart and soul.


Wedding Planning
My services really are all about you and are tailored to meet your requirements.

I can organise singular tasks at a rate of $50 per hour, or alternatively, the complete wedding at 10% of the complete cost of services rendered.

For me to give you a more detailed idea of what the best costing option might be for you, I offer an obligation-free consultation, which enables me to get a more accurate idea of your needs and can estimate more accurately on that basis.

AND, coming soon.....

Tailored Experience Packages
Are you super short of time or planning your wedding at relatively short notice? Or, are you simply overwhelmed by the amount of wedding suppliers out there and just don’t know where to start? Do you want to plan your own wedding but need a bit of steering in the right direction?

I offer tailored experience packages just for you, for whatever your needs might be. I will filter out all the undesirables and take you directly to the suppliers that meet your criteria, thus saving you a lot of time and disappointment.

These packages are all about the experience. Everywhere I take you, you will be treated like royalty. You will be chauffer driven for the day, sip on champagne and not have to worry about a thing as it is all organised for you.

You might want to be taken on the ultimate bridal dress tour, or have a mix and match of dress, cake and invitation stops. Tour stop options are:
Wedding dress

You have the option to bring your mum, Maid of Honour or both along with you for a great girls’ day out and to get their all important opinions, or if you want your wedding to be a complete surprise for everyone, I will gladly assist in all your choices and we’ll have a great day together.

A maximum of three tour stops are recommended per day.