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Kit Cheung

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Wedding Planning by Kit Cheung

Welcome to the Wedding Planing site by Kit Cheung.
The personal mission and vision of Wedding Planning for Kit is to help the couple to dream, plan and enjoy their perfect day.

Kit was originally from Hong Kong. She planned for her own wedding single handedly in 2004. She absolutely enjoyed in turning her dream wedding into reality. From handmade her own invitations to the decorations in the ceremony hall. From the ideas in her mind to the real things presented on her big day. Now, Kit would like to help all couples to turn their dream wedding into reality.

Kit has a card and gift shop which offer a wide range of handmade invitations. With the contacts she has with her suppliers in the UK and in the far east. Kit has an extend range of material could be the wow factor that make the day.


Kit's service including:
- bespoke invitations
- any aspect in planning the venue, decorations, guests list
- or anything the couple encounter from planning their wedding to the end of their BIG day.