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Alira Christensen

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Hello and welcome to my personal website. My name is Alira Christensen and I am here to provide you with an event planning service that is unique and individual, from your sweet 16 and 21st to your new year's eve celebration and work function. I offer you a stress free, hassle free service through the idea that your event is special to you and should therefore be stress free and hassle free, so let me take care of all the details while you simply relax! My personal approach to design is to create an event that is fresh and new that is unique to you and your ideas and that will leave everyone with a lifetime of memories!

Ever since I was a little girl I, like so many other little girls, had dreamed of a dream wedding and at the age of 10yrs had set out to plan that dream wedding, however little was I to know that that would be the catalyst of what would become a lifelong dream. In the following years I had developed an interest in so many other styles and designs that as a result I had planned many more dream weddings for myself, but seeing as though I didn't plan on marrying as many times as I had as many ideas and plans, I thought 'how can I do this everyday?'. Then it clicked, maybe I could do this for a living. And so began my journey. After many years of working in different industries and developing other skills and interests, I found it was design and planning that I had always come back to. All throughout my life I was doing what I loved doing with friends and families birthdays and events but never really understood why they had all came to me for help and advice, and so one day I asked. To my surprise the response from everyone was 'because you are good at it'. I hadn't even realised that my personal interest was being noticed by others and it was then that I realised I had a natural talent at design and planning. So I endeavoured to take the necessary steps to becoming a qualified event planner, and so here I am! I love all aspects of event planning and each event, whether it be a birthday party or a wedding, is a wonderful experience and a challange I look forward to. Upon completion of my studies with the QC School of Wedding and Event Planning I will be looking forward to working with clients at the same time continuing my studies. Recently I was a part of organising and planning my sisters wedding in the beautiful Hunter Valley region of New South Wales and found that to be a wonderful and rewarding experience and I look forward to bringing that and other event planning experience to future events!


I know how stressful an event can be and so therefore I offer a complete event service. A complete event service involves everything from an initial consultation to event conception and event wrap-up. My complete event service are as follows:
-Initial Consultation: This is the first face to face consultation between yourself and I. At this consultation we will establish what sort of event you wish to have, what will be the scope of the event, what you are expecting from the event, what sort of budget you have in mind and how many guests will be attending. We will disuss my services in further detail as well as what is expected of both parties. A consultation fee applies to the initial consultation however no further consultation fees will be charged. If at the initial consultation you decide you would like to go ahead with my services, then a contract will be entered into and a further consultation will be arranged to further discuss your event in detail.
-Design and Planning of Event: The design and planning service consists of planning the event details such as event theme and colour scheme to event location and catering. All aspects of the event are handle by myself and include: consulting on the invitations, developing the colour scheme and theme of the event, arranging an appropriate location or venue, organising for food and catering, arranging entertainment, meeting with vendors and other professionals and planning and organising the small details your event specifications personally.
-Day of the Event: On the day of the event I will handle all of the organising and set-up of the event and will oversee the event throughout its duration to ensure that the event is running smoothly and to plan. I will also handle any troubleshooting where necessary. At the end of the event I will organise any necessary clean up and take-down of the event.