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Tabitha Goldsby

makeup artist

Tabitha Goldsby

Euless, TX

"Making you feel Beautiful in your skin every time every occasion"

“My reason for doing this is to make my customers feel beautiful and look fantastic for any occasion! Stay you!" If there is any one that gets joy out of making you feel and look fantastic it's me. I have doing makeup ever since I could pick up a lipstick. My siblings and cousins were my canvases. It's always a pleasure to see the reactions on my clients faces when they see the outcome. It keeps me motivated not that I need any other reason than I love my job but it is always a plus when your making other happy in the process. If your ready to start a new look or just spice up the one you already love to rock I am here to help you in that venture of beauty. My name is Tabitha and if there is anything I can do for you please feel free to call to set up an appointment. Thanks look forward to talking with you! You can reach me at 817-681-3940 (mobile phone)

I have very many different approaches and designs that I have already created. You can always take a picture and send it to me via email or text for those exact looks you love. I am very pleased to say that I have worked at makeup retail shops and even done makeup for models for several different photographers. I am always there to answer calls during normal business hours. No matter the reason or occasion it's never a wrong time to get dolled up. I am the lady to do the job. My work speaks for itself. If you would like to set up an appointment call the number provided on my profile. If I don't answer leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible. Give me details of exactly the package you would like there are simple packages to elaborate one's. I can come to you for these services and will always make sure that it ends with a big smile on your face! No more wishing that you look like Angelina for your evening date or maybe a little more like Marilyn for your big day I can make that happen just call and rely on me to make you look and feel beautiful for every occasion!!


* Full “make-over” duo package *
Your hair will be styled to add to that AMAZING “make-over”
There are more choices as in some might want to match their makeup with hairstyle
*The Mommy spa package*
Before making you look and feel beautiful you get to feel relaxed with
A face cleansing mask to give you that fresh look even before the make-up
Is applied for those days you feel down and out about your appearance or a special date with the husband this relaxing experience is great for Mother’s because Mom’s need their days to unwind from all the stress the little angels can cause.
*Dark Princess *
This is the look for you if you are going for the dark colors and accent the eyes with gems and designs to give that looks a bit more punch to it so you can stand out bit in a great way. When using darker colors the more extravagant outcome, looking great for anytime but nights are the best time to rock the darker colors, although it’s not a crime to wear it in the daylight. If asked ahead of the appointment you can send me photos of the exact look that you want to have.
*Stars of Mother Nature*
This is more of a package for the girls that like to keep it as natural as possible we can use a lot of nude and browns to keep you in your comfort zone. When I think of Mother Nature I think greens and browns maybe blue but this is not what this package is, we will only use the colors you want to wear. Perfect for “office” and daytime” wear.
Special Request’s can be made and we would love to talk about it.
What you have in mind and I am dedicated to making that reality.

“My reason for doing this is to make my customers feel beautiful and look fantastic for any occasion! Stay you!