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Bianca Layne

event planner , wedding planner

Your events JEWELtd with excellence


I am a new but passionate event and wedding planner.
MY mission is to deliver events that you give me the honour of planning as YOURS.
A common misconception is that hiring an event planner removes your ability to have input, this is very untrue.
I wont control your event, I wont turn it into my day.I want to help you in anyway I can to make your vision a reality.
Where you are short in ideas, i'll inject creativity. Where you are unsure what to choose, i'll provide our experience.When you are strapped for time i'll construct organisation. When you want to relax, I'll do the running around.
This day is YOURS


Background on Me
I am a versatile and hardworking individual. I demonstrate analytical, problem solving, negotiation and organisational skills at a strategic level. I work very well under pressure as I am able to effectively prioritise tasks and plan ahead to reduce pressure.

I am incredibly conscientious, have a practical hands-on approach, and always persevere to achieve the best results. I am able to analyse a situation, facts/figures and quickly grasp complex technical issues. I have excellent communication, negotiation and problem solving skills and swiftly identify the root of problems and solutions.

I am very articulate and so can communicate with a diverse range of people, meaning that I am able to effectively give sound and clear information to anyone who may require it.I have the ability to manage and complete targets to the highest standard, with a meticulous attention to detail.

I have studied English Literature at University and am currently completing the extensive and thorough event and wedding planning course with QC school.

I have planned friends and relatives events for 3 years now, and this was originally a hobbie that began because friends and family knew my creativity and obsession for perfection was second to none. I have planned new years eve parties, to childrens birthdays to christenings. My proffession was UK customer service manager for a lingerie company where i learnt the skills needed to talk to a diverse range of people, to deal with problems quickly and effectively and also made good contacts in the business industry.


Wedding planning
1 off advisory session

You can choose out of the three below which areas you would like my priffessional planning.

the charge is £50/hour

(I will give you an estimate of proffessional fee's by estimating the hours I will need to put into your wedding)

Corporate events: charge £50/hr
e.g: New product Launch
Team Building/Training

Private Events: charge £50/hr
e.g Anniversaries
New year