Sue Cronk

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Sue Cronk
Abbotsford, BC

Susie’s Wedding and Event Bliss

I have had a great passion in event planning due to my background with working for the Chilliwack Happy Times Jazz Festival.It is with great pleasure to say this is a new venture in my life.

Having been given the opportunity to take a course and learn more about planning events I can hardly wait to get started.

Creativity, Problem solving, and Organization and working with deadlines are all skills and great qualities in the success of any event.
No event is too big or too small.

I will be able to assist your planning for anything from Kids or Adult Birthday Parties to Engagement Parties, Weddings, Honeymoons, and Corporate Events just to mention a few.

Feel free to contact me for a free consultation to go over what you are looking for in your event planner.


Sue Cronk


To be determined per event.Contact me for further information.


It is my pleasure to recommend Sue Cronk for any position which requires management and administrative skills. She is hard working dedicated team player who can be counted on to go the extra mile to get the job completed and do so in a professional manner. Sue worked for me while I was the managing director of the Chilliwack International Jazz Festival from 1999 to 2005. Overall, Sue demonstrated an exceptional ability to quickly grasp new and intricate concepts for all the facets of our rapidly growing festival. She quickly adapted to change and work load as it became necessary. She was responsible for preparing, sending, receiving and verifying, local contracts with venues, food vendors, local high school bands, individual and local groups as well as international, groups, individuals and bands. She was required to contact government agencies, provincially and federally to arrange work permits and make entrance arrangements for our international performers Sue has excellent communication skills. Her written work is both clear and concise, which proved very beneficial in all phases of our festival. Her orderly and accurate administration skills contributed greatly to the success and appeal of our festival, which also led to many spin off benefits for the local community. Her outgoing, friendly personality served us well as she continued her work throughout the actual festival itself. Her attention to detail and hands on approach to each task ensured the booking of rooms and billets for hundreds of our entertainers and special guests. She was always at her position in an easily accessible location in our main venue to handle the inevitable flood of last minute requests and problems which always accompany any large event. Throughout the festival she worked long hours, from early morning well into the night giving her personal touch to each situation which arose. The wind up and after action reports were always handled with the same dedication and skill which she demonstrated during the preparation and performance stages. At a personal level, Sue is a well disciplined and industrious, with a pleasant personality. She went well beyond the job requirements in the dedication and quality of her work, putting in a lot of extra hours every week. Throughout the course of her time working for me, Sue demonstrated great perseverance and initiative. She was not only interested in and motivated to learn the details of running a festival, but put great work into developing her own ideas about each facet of coordinating a well run festival Sue is unquestionably an exceptional candidate for any position which requires hard work and dedication and moreover; she has proven herself to have the perseverance and initiative, and the intellectual creativity necessary to excel at any thing she puts her mind too. I would therefore highly recommend Sue Cronk to you; I know she would be an extremely positive asset to your program.

Charles H Clements MMM, MB, SJASB, CDII