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Bethan Hatfield

makeup artist

Bethan Hatfield

Las Vegas, NV

No one is alike, everyone is beautiful.

Hello, I'm Bethan and I am a make up artist. My passion for makeup started not that long ago when I started to discover more colors in eye shadow and experimenting with those colors on the weekend.

I don't have much experience in the field of makeup artistry but I am learning and it is fun to learn about. I get to play with all different type of products and colors and meet new people. I've only taken one makeup school so far but everyday has a new learning experience that can be embraced and molded into something beautiful.


I will be offering, in essence, four type of services; Day to Day, Day to Night, Bridal and Special Occasions. Day to Day offers a look that can be worn everyday, to work, the gym or shopping. Day to Night transforms a day look into an elegant evening look for that dinner with a loved one, or a night out with the gals. Day to Day and Day to Night can be booked together. Special Occasions include prom, award parties, holiday dinners and any other occasion where you want to wow everyone. For that special day when brides want to look incredible, the service includes a consultation. All services must be booked two weeks in advance, please contact for more information.


Mrs. Hatfield is exceptionally skilled with her application of make up. During my family's visit she applied make up to both my mother and me, wherein her profound skills created a youthful look to our faces. I have no complaints about her work. The foundation was evenly spread, and she eliminated all embarrassing red spots from my face. I would refer any friend of mine to her!

Eleanor Bamford