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Sarah Vrech

event planner , wedding planner

Sarah Vrech


My own experience has shown me this is the career for me, I am here to support and help you to your perfect memorable wedding or Event.

My name is Sarah, I have worked in the hospitality Industry for 15 years and now I have decided through the help from friends and family to branch into my own business of Wedding and Event planning.
I am a motivated, methodical and passionate person, who through my own wedding have a wide variety of ideas for every kind of wedding or Event. I have a great eye for detail, colour schemes, contacts and one of the important factors is to have fun and enjoy every minute in planning for your Event.

I am currently completing my wedding and Event planning course, however if you would like to contact me then please do so, as the more experience I can gain the better. So if you are looking for someone to arrange your wedding, Conference, Childs birthday party, you name it then please contact me.


I am the first to understand your busy schedules and therefore I am here to help and assist in organising any Event possible and ensuring I eliminate any presures.

I am able to organise any of the below, and many more.

Birthday Parties
Family gatherings
Team Building Events
Corporate away days