Kelly Atkins-Hewitt

wedding planner

Providing Inspiring Ideas

Hello and Welcome to Inspirational Ideas

Here at inspirational Ideas we want to help you to create the perfect event that you want and deserve.

We can help any many different ways from just advising on suppliers that you could use and giving you tips on how to plan your day, or we could simply provide you with a timeline for you to work to, this way you stay on track and don’t forget anything to a providing you with the complete planning package.

Although we are very new to the area of Wedding and Event planning, we have planned many successful family events including our own weddings. We pride our selves on being very organised and friendly.

We love to create different and inspiring ideas. We want to help different couples to create the events they have always wanted whether it is small and simple or the big fairy tale wedding day.

Our mission is to provide a number of services at affordable price’s


The wedding services that Inspirational Ideas provides can be tailored to suit each couple,

I will sit down with you as a couple and find out your likes our dislikes, what you like to do in your spare time. What ideas each of you have for this very special day, and will help you come up with something you will both enjoy.

This can take anything for 1-2 hours per consultation. £40.00 per hour

Budget Planning £70.00
To complete a budget plan we will have to complete a consultation to find out what part of the big day is the post important part of the day for each of you, I will need to know exactly how much you are looking to spend on the big day. I can then put a budget plan together where you will be able to keep track of where you are spending money for the wedding.

Preparation Package £70.00
I will do all the leg work for you with regards to finding venues florist’s DJ’s caterer’s and anything else that is need to put a wedding together. I will also put a budget sheet together for you. You will also get all the planning sheets that are needed to help you plan this very special day.

Planning Package £90.00
Once you have established what suppliers you will be using for your special day, I will put it all together and follow everything up and ensure that everything that needs to be completed by certain dates has been completed. I will then hand everything over to you the day before the big day.

Preparation and Planning Package £150.00
I will search for all venue’s florist’s caterer’s car’s and DJ’s and everything else that helps make a wedding day special, I will then put it all together and follow everything up to ensure that it is completed by the dates that it will need to be completed by. I will then hand everything I have done over to you the day before the big day.

On The Day Management £400.00 (excluding travel costs should it be outside the West Midlands)
At least two month’s prior to the big day we will do a consultation where I will need all the suppliers and venues details like telephone numbers and contact names ect. I will then contact them all and let them know that I will be completing the planning process and that if there are any problems to let me know and I will deal with them. I will also keep track of everything else that has still to be completed so that you can enjoy the final run up to the big day. I will then be present on the day to ensure that everything and every one turns up on time and that everything is set up to exactly how you want it this way you can enjoy every minute of the biggest day of your life.

Full Wedding Co-Ordination £800.00 (excluding travel costs should it be outside the West Midlands)
Everything that need’s to be done for your big day I will sort it all out. You will still have to stay in touch so that if you are going over budget on anything for the wedding I can let you know, you will also have to have regular meetings so that you can ensure that every detail is as you want it.


We also plan and execute parties whether that is a first birthday to a full themed retirement party. We will be happy to help with any of the details.

Party planning starts at £50.00 depending on the size and my involvement in the party planning process.

All packages can be tailored to suit what ever you’re requirements.