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Tara Fenech

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My aim is to become a successful wedding planner. In the way of doing this some of the services I plan to offer will be that I want to work with the bride from start to finish, I don’t only want to be her advisor or tell her what to do I want to be like her best friend who is by her side the whole time while she is making decisions for her big day, so I can just point her in the right direction. The services I plan to offer her to make her big day easy is pretty much the whole thing from start to finish, this being the venue choice, caters, cakes, any extra things she would like hired, bomboniere, music, bands, djs, decorations, invitations,

My experience the last 5 years as a wedding planner has included arranging international weddings, your small garden wedding to your large cultural wedding. I hold a course in IEWP (International Event and Wedding Planning).


Your first consultation with me is $50 and then if you choose to continue with my services you are looking at about $75 an hour. The consultation and services can either take place in the comfortability of you own house or you are more than welcome to come to my office which is located at my house. When it comes to going round and getting quotes and ideas I am more than happy to be your show far. In your first consultation we will go into depth about the services I can offer you, you can tell me something’s you are looking for in my role as your wedding planner and if I meet you requirements I would be more than happy to work with you for this big day.


“I found Tara one of the best people I have ever worked with. I honestly believe that without her help my wedding wouldn’t have been as much success as what it was. She helped me from start to finish and she has happy to and was glad to help out as much as she could. Nothing was ever too hard for her. She helped to keep me calm and relaxed. I would highly recommend Tara to other people.”


“Absolutely fantastic. Tara’s service knowledge and experience as a wedding planner is un-beatable. Tara helped me with things I would have never expected her to do. She is a very easy person to get along with. I will continue to keep in touch with her. I couldn’t have got anyone better to do the job.”


“What can I say Amazing, Professional, Inspirational, Fun, Creative, Helping, Friendly, Knowledgeable, Cares for her clients and what they want. This pretty much sums Tara up. Love her work.”