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Bryan Desilvia

event planner, wedding planner

Bryan Desilvia

St. John's


Please allow me to introduce you to Signature Weddings and Events
Your event is important to you, so it’s important to us. We assess your needs, and ensure that your event, big or small, has everything required to create the desired ambiance. From cutlery to cover, quality is our trademark; a professional, set-up and delivery, is our promise.


Interviewing the couple and the parents to identify their needs.
Budget preparation
Event design and styling
Venues scouting
Planning detailed checklist (from about a year in advance to a few days after the wedding)
Attendee list preparation
Identification of event venues (hotels, wedding manor etc.)
Identifying and hiring of wedding professionals and service providers (caterers, photographers, videographers, beautician, florists, bakers etc.), and preparation and execution of contracts.
Procurement of customized decorations such as a journey map
Coordination of deliveries/services on the wedding day.
Have a back-up plan in the event of a disaster.
Manages the schedule, often with software.
Assist and prepare legal documentation and translations - especially for destination weddings


It was a very good event and the guests have all given rave reviews. I have heard, “best wedding in Antigua in the last 40 years”. Okay maybe that person exaggerated! I cannot be really objective but I actually enjoyed myself! The execution of the concept which was brought to the company was near flawless. Once I let you do what you were hired to do, I was able to relax.