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Ilga Sirmele

event planner , wedding planner

Ilga Sirmele


I will make your dream day shine!

About me - my dream is to start my career as a professional wedding and event planner. When I began working for one of most remarkable company in Latvia, some of my main responsibilities included planning meetings, retreats, preparing presentation materials, etc, and finally I had a clear vision about my dream - to help people with planning their special events. When I first came to Great Britain my job was mainly directed to different tasks which had nothing to do with the work which I founded as my dream job.
That is why I started to look for an information where to get this specialized qualification, I found QC School of Event Planning.

At the moment I am studying in QC School of Event Planning to become a certified Event and Wedding planner.
Before I enrolled to this course I already had a chance to plan a weddings, so believe me – I have a catch, just ask me and I will show you that I can make your dream day glow!
I have studied Public Relations in School of Business Administration “Turiba” (Latvia).
I have achieved vocational education in Entrepreneurship (Latvia).
At the moment I am working in amazon.co.uk as a Vendor Returns Admin. My main duties are to build a communication with Suppliers.


Are you looking for someone who could help you with planning your special day? Are you looking for someone who could plan this for you? Are you looking for a person who could help you to plan all the financial things about your special day? If yes – the person who you are looking for is just one call or email away from you. I can do all previously mentioned and even more – I will make your special day shine, so you and people around you will remember this day with admiration.


Ilga, the day that should be perfect was more than perfect because of you! Our weddings was just like from the movie, but movie like we dreamed it. Thank you so much for planing this special day for us! You will always be part of our memories!

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