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Krystal Bakk

event planner

Krystal Bakk

Banff, AB

My name is Krystal Bakk and I am an excellent event planner. By listening to my clients, I can make an effort to fully understand what it is they want their event to be and what they have set in their mind, theoretically pulling the image out of their head and creating it in reality.

I am currently studying in event and wedding planning with QC Event and Wedding Planning.

I am currently assisting in organizing a Convention for the Knights of Columbus scheduled for the end of April and ending the first day of May. I am in charge of the lobby and displays setup, as well as bartending during the social and awards.

I have organized an event called the "Festival of Lights" in my community. This event consisted of people signing up for people in the neighborhood to tour around the community, view and rate their Christmas light displays. There was also a kick-off day, where kids of all ages came to the community hall and played games, recieved prizes and watched movies for free.

I have helped people organize adult, teen and children's birthday parties as well as corporate functions and bowling leagues while working at a venue called Chinook Bowladrome, a bowling center in Chinook Mall in Calgary, AB.