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Hope Schalck

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Hope Schalck

Denver, CO

HSA Wedding Planning & Design is passionate about YOUR wedding.

HSA Wedding Planning & Design is a full service planning and design company. What makes us unique is our perfect ‘marriage’ of wedding planning services with interior design principles and methods. The result of combining these two fields is exquisite wedding designs showcasing creative use of colors, textures and lighting.

Other wedding planning companies claim to be passionate about weddings. At HSA Wedding Planning & Design we are more than just passionate about weddings; we are passionate about your wedding. We love nothing more than to take the seed that is your design idea and build upon it until you are delighted.

Originally from Chicago, Hope Schalck has been in love with weddings her entire life. Having herself been married to the man of her dreams for over 8 years, Hope’s obsession with weddings goes beyond the beauty and romance of the day and lies in a true belief in marriage and that your wedding day is just the beginning of your happily ever after.

Hope’s experience in the wedding industry began in 2000. She held management positions in couture bridal salons in Chicago and in Denver where she worked with thousands of brides and their families. In 2006, Hope took a short break from bridal to earn her Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Colorado where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and top of her class. After 18 months of gaining experience in interior design project management, Hope’s love of working with brides led her back to the wedding industry and inspired her to begin her company, HSA Wedding Planning & Design.

HSA Wedding Planning & Design is the perfect outlet for Hope’s two creative passions; extraordinary weddings and inspired design. Hope’s enthusiasm for exceptional customer service and precise attention to detail result in delighted clients and outstanding projects. She thrives on taking the seed of a design concept and developing it until it comes to life. For Hope, the phrase “good enough” is nowhere in her vocabulary. Hope’s natural orientation to quality ensures a wedding design beyond your most amazing dreams.

Hope’s commitment to her clients is to listen to them. To take their ideas and concepts for their wedding and through the process inspired by her interior design experience, including collaboration, develop those ideas to ensure a truly personalized wedding design. Her superior and thorough communication style will guarantee her clients are kept in the loop with all of the planning details. Hope’s attributes in project management allow for flawless design execution enabling the bride and other key members of the bridal party the freedom to enjoy the entire wedding process without the stress of troubleshooting budgeting, scheduling or execution issues. Without a doubt, working with Hope means working with someone who is truly as invested in the perfect design and execution of your wedding as you are. Together we can achieve an experience you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.


Design Boards

Design boards, also known as concept boards or inspiration boards, are the cornerstone to any successful design project. Design boards serve as a compass throughout the planning process ensuring each design decision is made purposefully and with direction. HSA Wedding Planning & Design understands the value of design boards to any creative project and has applied them to the wedding planning process.

Imagine having an image in your head that, through verbal communication, is not being understood. Having a design board on hand allows you the ability to effectively express your design model with your vendors, your friends and family and perhaps most importantly your fiancé! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

HSA Wedding Planning & Design’s approach to wedding design comes from a belief that we must first know where we are going before we can know how to get there. Beyond being a valuable communication tool, a design board ensures your wedding will have a cohesive design aesthetic. By considering the entire wedding from the beginning and how each element will speak to and relate to one another, clients ensure an exceptional result that best reflects each couples individual aesthetic.

A wedding should be the finest representation of the bride and groom’s personal tastes as well as a visual illustration of their relationship and their future life together. Design boards are the key to achieving this. Hiring HSA Wedding Planning & Design to create a design board for your wedding is especially valuable to couples who intend to plan and execute their wedding design without a professional wedding planner.

To find out more about the process of ordering a personalized design board for your wedding, contact Hope with HSA Wedding Planning & Design.

Help Me Plan

The American average shows that a wedding can take up to 250 hours to plan. This is not surprising when you consider the amount of research, interviews, legwork and follow-up required to achieve the perfect wedding day. The truth is planning a successful wedding is a full time proposition and not every bride has the flexibility to manage all of the details on her own. That is why it is crucial to have a professional planner available to you ensuring the planning process go as smoothly as possible.

Let’s face it, sometimes the options available to brides when planning their wedding can feel overwhelming. From hundreds of flowers to dozens of table linens, making the correct design decision can keep a bride up at night! Whether researching vendors, selecting the perfect gown, or attending design meetings, Help Me Plan is billed as an hourly service allowing you to tailor our skills and services to your needs. Perhaps you need help just for one meeting or throughout the entire process, HSA Wedding Planning & Design offers the expertise of professional wedding planning and interior design skills available to you as much or as little as you choose.

If you intend to execute your wedding on your own but prefer to collaborate your ideas with a professional designer, HSA Wedding Planning & Design can help to ensure a cohesive, well thought out, professionally designed wedding that will exceed your dreams.

Help Me Plan works especially well with our Design Boards service. To find out more information, contact Hope at HSA Wedding Planning and Design.

Full Service

HSA Wedding Planning & Design works with couples and their families in all aspects of the wedding design, planning and execution process. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to): concept and design development; vendor research, meetings and negotiation; contract review; budget creation and management; and creation and management of schedules and timelines. HSA Wedding Planning & Design will be there for you from the engagement to the last dance in whatever way you need us.

The most extraordinary weddings are a result of collaborative, exceptional design which is precisely executed. Our full service option allows brides to develop their ideas with professional guidance and input resulting in an extraordinary day. Choosing to include the service of our day-of presence ensures proper execution of all of the design details both big and small. Working with HSA Wedding Planning & Design means you’re not just hiring a wedding planner, you’re hiring an advocate; someone who knows your wedding as well as you do and has your best interests in mind. We will be there to troubleshoot any execution details, allowing all key members of the wedding party the freedom to enjoy the day, confident that your design intent will be carried out. After all, what is the perfect wedding design if it is not perfectly executed?

Our full service is billable hourly or as a set fee. To find out more information, contact Hope at HSA Wedding Planning & Design.