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Chassey Marth

makeup artist

Chassey Marth

Nebraska City, NE

Look your best on your Big day if its a Wedding, Prom, Senior pictures...

My name is Chassey Marth im just getting started as a makeup artist ive loved doing this my whole life and I just wanted to take a step forward and try something new. Ive always had friends and family come to me for occasions like weddings grduations or other events for makeup and hair if they needed anything done and in high school i helped with makeup for my drama class which i enjoyed very much... ive went to cosmetology school in lincoln nebraska at college of hair design but unfortunatley did not finish i am planning on going back soon because this is what I love and am now taking classes to become a professional makeup artist.

When I was younger my mom used to dress me up and put makeup on me and let me try things out for myself and it kind of went from there she put me in pagents just to try them out and I loved it. I loved dressing up and having my hair done nice and makeup on it always made me feel good about myself i had more confidence. I would always do my grandmas hair for her and my cousins and friends and familys as much as they would possibly let me its always been a passion of mine and im always trying to learn new things and I love doing it for people because they feel better and it kind of gives you a boost Image does make a difference on how you feel and how people see you and if you feel good about your self and present yourself in a positive way it does make a huge difference... I love art and this has been another way of expressing it


Any particular important day where you would like to look your best for pictures or just a big event like a wedding, senior pictures, prom,... etc its always nice to know that youll be able to look and feel your best and be able to look back at those memories and be 100% satisfied with how everything turned out on that important day in your life