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Krista Cole

event planner, wedding planner

Krista Cole

Mechanicsville, VA

Make your dream events become reality ♥

My name is Krista Cole. I am twenty-two years old and have always had a huge interest in planning and decorating. I am currently in my last course of QC Event and Wedding Planning School and look forward to moving up in the planning world. As a teenager, I was always the go-to person for planning parties, dinners and outings for all of my friends. I guess you could say that I have always been a planner, but had no idea it would come to me later in life as a career. I look forward to what's to come in the future!!

As a girl who struggled to find her place in the world, between school and jobs, it became very easy to get caught up in the "just getting by" lifestyle. Through out my teen years, the more I struggled, the more I wanted more for myself and my life. I was working as a waitress when the idea of planning as a career came to me. A co-worker of mine had just gotten engaged and was so consumed with planning out her dream day. It was easy to get caught up in her passion and excitement of planning the biggest day of her life. One day she brought several wedding and bridal magazines into work to give herself some ideas. Most of our servers were female, so of course we all picked up magazines and started browsing. In the midst of looking through one of the magazines, I came across a picture of a beautifully put together wedding of hot pink, black and white florals. Now, me being very attracted to bright colors, this would normally catch my eye, but there was more about this picture than just the color. It was like seeing someone else's lifetime dream in one small picture. At that moment I thought to myself "you were born to do something amazing, you were born to plan" and that was all it took. After taking some time and putting a lot of thought into life and what I wanted to do, I decided to look into the Wedding Planning program at QC. As I read about the program I saw that they also offered Event Planning as well as Wedding Planning. The two were available combined into one program, so I decided to enroll in the combined course and began my journey at QC. I am looking forward to receiving my certification and moving forward with my dream career. I would like to thank all of my supporters and a special thanks to my mother; I could not have gotten this far without the love and support she has offered me. I hope to meet the expectations of all my future supporters and clients!


At this point in time I will provide the following services:

Birthday Parties
Baby Showers
Corporate Events
Wedding Showers
Holiday Parties