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Tamika Carroll

event planner, wedding planner

Tamika Carroll


How sweet it is....With a touch of Sweetness!!

My name is Tamika Carroll and I'm currently a Lead Pastry Chef who has a passion for baking all types of desserts for parties aside from my full-time job for birthday parties, baby showers, etc. I eventually want to have my own business in event planning or planning weddings, Even if its just baking cakes for parties or events I love working with people and putting ideas into play.

I Graduated from the Art Institute of Washington in '07 and started my Internship at Kinkeads learning how to make all desserts from scratch. Moving on from there I went to working at a convention hotel making desserts for banquet parties for up to 7600 people.


Focus on making quality homemade and unique desserts for all special occasions including cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, cake pops, cheesecakes, and etc.