Jyl Story

event planner

Jyl Story
Park City, MT

Leave the details to us so you can focus on your clients.

Paragon Meeting Solutions, Inc. is a comprehensive solution to organizing corporate events, meetings and conventions as well as private parties and receptions. We have experience in a wide range of event and meeting planning, ranging from luncheons for small groups and organizations, in-house corporate training and meetings, conventions for state-wide organizations, to fundraising events hosting hundreds of participants.

Based out of Park City, Montana, Paragon Meeting Solutions provides service primarily in south central Montana region. However, we will travel to other locations to provide customized planning services for your special oc

Jyl's career has encompassed a wide range of experiences in both the private and public sector. Her experience and duties in these positions provide her with a unique skill set that will provide customers of Paragon Meeting Solutions, Inc. needed assistance in planning and conducting successful meetings and events. Jyl has planned and coordinated events for state-wide organizations, large non-profits, corporate entities and private individuals utilizing her strengths in personalized service and organizational skills. Jyl graduated from Kinman Business University and holds a paralegal degree as well. Jyl’s attention to detail and seamless execution is the foundation of a successful Paragon Meeting Solutions event.


Paragon Meeting Solutions takes pride in providing organizational assistance to companies, organizations, and individuals, and understands the significance of providing a professional and quality environment for guests and clients.

Convention Planning:
• Program planning
• Convention site logistics
• Registration services
• On-site management during the convention
• Meeting Follow-up Evaluation

Corporate meeting and event planning:
•Business meetings – in-house and off-site
•Board or staff retreats
•Corporate parties and business functions

Paragon Meeting Solutions adapts to the needs and desires of the entity sponsoring the event. We also offer planning services for board or staff retreats, business meetings, parties, and business functions.


“In my years working with Jyl on special events she has always been a joy to work with. Her communication skills, attention to detail, and expertise have led directly to having a very successful and fun event in which we could all take much pride in. I would recommend Jyl to anyone that wants to have an event that they would be proud of.

Joe Burst

I have worked with Jyl on a number of conventions and events. Her attention to detail, creativity and ability to get things done have made our events enjoyable not only for the attendees, but also for the rest of the staff.

Barry Stang, Motor Carriers of Montana