Meg Guercio

event planner , wedding planner

Meg Guercio
Shirley, MA

I graduated from Anna Maria College in 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. I, also, have a Floral Design License from the New England School of Floral Design and a Wedding and Event Planner Certificate from the U.S. Career Institute. While at school, I helped execute the majority of events the Student Government held while I participated in SGA's Social Committee. Social Committee holds a number of events every year including Spring Fest, band nights, comedian nights, hypnotist nights, dating game shows, Battle of the Bands, and dances.

Besides my four years of experience on Social Committee, I have one year of experience of online event marketing from The Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley, MA. I was responsible for all the online publicity


I love music!

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"Orientation is a time for incoming students at Anna Maria College to being making a mark. This year's theme was 'Feel Good, Inc.' and with all of the fun games they played, it was very fitting. Over the weekend, the freshmen began to feel comfortable in the campus they would eventually call home...Orientation was a weekend to remember and a great first impression of college for the freshmen jumping in!"

Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA (2007)

Spring [Fest] was a blast for everyone. With five full packed days of parties, events, bands, and cook outs, no one could say it was a forgettable weekend.

Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA (2007)