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Jaquenae D'Veronique Manning

event planner, wedding planner

Jaquenae D'Veronique Manning

5424 Gambel Road Indianapolis, IN

creating your memorable day for less

planning services for weddings and all types of social and professional affairs.

It all started in 1993 when Jaquenae was attending college. Her friend decided to get married. Her friend asked if Jaquenae would help her with her wedding, and so she did.

Two years later Jaquenae's best friend decided to get married and she assisted with her wedding. Her friends aunts were in charge of decorating the hall for her wedding. When Jaquenae & her friend’s mother arrived at the hall(2) two hours before the reception was scheduled to start it was a mess. Her friend’s mother handed Jackie some money and a credit card and said, “I don’t care what it takes fix this, just do it”, so she did. Jaquenae ran to the store purchased some essential items, returned, hiked up her dress and rearranged the entire hall in 1 hour and 45 minutes. From that point she realized how good she was, with no proper training.

So, Jaquenae decided to do a little research on what all it entailed to actually plan a wedding and make a profit. She started doing weddings for relatives, and friends of relatives.

In the beginning she charged a small fee. Soon she was doing more weddings just off referrals. Jaquenae decided to registered with a temp agency. She requested that the agency only to send her work as a server for weddings and special events. The agency would call her only for weddings or fundraisers.

Most temps. who worked at these events were just there to make a paycheck, but Jaquenae was there to start a business through ideas of others. The reason she did this was so that she could see what really expensive weddings & events were like. Jaquenae wanted a brooder perspective. she would drive as far as the Hawthorns Country Club, The Four Seasons, The Marrot, etc. Her thought was that she could take the ideas from the wealthy and offer them to everyone. Jaquenae believed that good hard working people should be able to have beautiful exquisite weddings just like the wealthy.

What makes Jaquenae stand out from the rest is her attention to detail. Jaquenae's events have very specific elements that compliment each client's personality. Her goal has always been to make sure her events will never be forgotten.

Jaquenae once heard someone say if you have a job that you hate, you’ll never be happy with what you do. We’ll now she does something that she loves & it makes her very happy. Jaquenae offers a service to people who want something spectacular that everyone will remember and talk about for years to come.


planning services for weddings and all types of social and professional affairs. We'll discuss all of your ideas with you, then design a plan with a variety of options for you to consider.

When given the go-ahead we will make it happen, leaving you free to sit back and sample cake, taste champagne, and smell the roses. We want you to enjoy your special occasion!

Our extensive experience in the industry, and our rich vendor contact base allows us to create your memorable day for less than you might expect. We offer packages that allow you to manage your entire wedding or event, or just certain elements of it. It’s up to you.


DIAMOND This full service planning package f rom start to finish is the ultimate stress reliever. Let us make all of your event wishes come true.

PEARL If you desire a coordinator to guide you through
the planning process six to eight weeks before your event this package provids the benefits of full service planning,with some in-person consultations and unlimited phone or email contact.

RUBY For those who have their plans completed but wish
to have a professional on site during the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This service will allows you and your family to be guests at your event.

EMERALD Allows you to pick and choose which assistance
options you desire on your special day.
We look forward to serving you.


8/16/2010 Marvin Rowe Jr. marowejr@yahoo.com You are truly an amazing wedding planner. You blew us away with our beautiful weddin...