QC Career School

Rachel Kearns

event planner

Hi, I'm Rachel, I'm 20 and I'm currently studying to become an Event and Wedding planner. I am someone who has always wanted a career that revolves around meeting new people. I am extremely organised and love the prospect of a challenge.

I am an extremely well travelled person; although I was born in the UK, I moved away when I was 6 and didn't return until I was 18! I've lived in Holland, Belgium, Singapore and the States. I have loved travelling not only have I visited a wide variety of countries but I have met people from a vast amount of cultures which has been so educational- I've loved every minute of it.
I have a degree in BA(hons)Business Management and Marketing and recently decided to study to become an Event and Wedding planner.


I am availble to help organise entire events or just help out with specific needs on the day of your event. I am very willing to organise any type of event you need me to: birthday party, retirement party, religious event etc.
I hope to hear from you and we can begin orgnising your perfect day.