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Roxanne Treviño

event planner , wedding planner

Roxanne Treviño

Los Angeles, CA

What you don't have TIME to plan -- I can!!

Hello, my name is Roxanne Treviño. I am a Flight Attendant with United Airlines and I am currently taking a course in Event Planning. I love and enjoy the time, effort, patience, and details of putting on events. The few I have done for friends and family have really awaken something inside of me that told me to pursue my dream.

I graduated from college in December 1995, moved to Santa Barbara, California in January 1996 and then Los Angeles in 1997. I have lived in Los Angeles for the past 13 years and have lived in my current residence for 10 years. I have gotten to know my neighborhood very well. Los Angeles is so big, and coming from a small town in Texas, I didn’t think this was possible. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, I got a job with United Airlines as a Flight Attendant. My job gives me flexibility with my schedule like no other job. I am able to do other things that I enjoy doing with my time off. During my 13 years as a Flight Attendant, I have put on several small social events. I have helped organize, decorate, and coordinate a halloween party for 3 years straight, three 30th birthday celebrations, my mother’s 60th semi-formal birthday dinner and my father’s 70th more casual birthday bar-b-que celebration, two bachelorette parties, a baby shower, bridal shower, a super bowl party and lastly, a birthday/NCAA Final Four party.


Services I hope to provide once I have completed my course of study are coordinating, organizing, and decorating small social events and eventually move up to weddings and larger events. I want to provide my clients the TIME they don’t have to put on a special event. I will charge $75/hour.