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THAT special occasion
Let us help make your dreams come true

THAT special occasion event and part planners are fuelled by fresh ideas and bring together some of the most experienced event industry professionals. We are dedicated to applying our experience to helping you realise your dream event, making your celebration flawlessly spectacular and distinctively yours.

Creating outstanding parties, weddings and corporate events in Liverpool, Merseyside and Chester. We offer you:
• Totally stress free event planning
• Experienced party planners for a flexible and bespoke one-to-one service
• Creative and inspirational ideas
• The very best suppliers
• Unique and innovative online party planning tools, keeping you informed at all times
• Exceptional services with meticulous attention to detail
• Cost effective solutions without compromising on style

No readymade packages, no stale clichés, just fantastic ideas focused on your vision. From traditional weddings repellent with romance to hip hop Bar Mitzvahs, every event we plan is entirely unique. We listen to your ideas and think of the best ways to translate them into reality, meaning that each event is different from the last. Each theme, concept and idea is researched and presented to you, taking into account your wishes and of course your budget.

Led by the eminently experienced and ever meticulous party and event organiser Angela Harrison, we’ve built our reputation on creating events for every occasion, working with only the best suppliers and on delivering fantastic entertainment. We are committed to offering you the highest levels of service, ensuring your party is not just memorable, but a spectacular experience you and your guests will never forget.

Our expert event planner (Angela Harrison) is there to do the chasing, the checking and the refining right up to the event itself and through to the very end of the occasion, making planning your party/event as enjoyable as the actual occasion.

THAT special occasion is owned and lead by Angela Harrison. With her extra ordinary vision and her meticulous planning abilities, Angela has shaped THAT special occasion into a leading light of the event planning industry.

Naturally creative and impeccably diligent, Angela began her career as a Neonatal Nurse. Having studied nursing for 4 years, she went on to become a sister at a major hospital in Liverpool. Being in this both very stressful and rewarding carer has given her the ability and skills required to work under great pressure, within tight deadlines and to deal with all types of people and emotions.

“My dream has always been to own and operate my own business. As much as I loved nursing I always felt something was missing. I am a very outgoing person that loves to plan and host parties and I love to make people happy. I have helped family members and friends to plan weddings and parties.

Event and wedding planning is the perfect profession for me and I have been working very hard to make my dream come true. I gained my IEWP Professional Certification from QC Events School.

I am passionate about creating an ambiance that cannot and won’t be forgotten for many years.”


We help people plan and manage their events.

Corporate events, private parties and Weddings (Including destination).

No event is too big or too small.

Including conferences, award ceremonies, product launches and team building.

Corporate events are known to excite and leave lasting impressions with your clients. They provide an environment for both you and your clients to relax, have fun and build strong relationships. Hosting these events can be stressful and may not allow you to use your time productively, so why have the hastle and stress?

We will organise all of the details and logistics, saving your staff time. We take care of everything from coloured ice cubes to corporate branding, from flowers to photography, creative cuisine, theming, speakers, music and entertainment.

THAT special occasion will make it happen for you.

Every private event that you host is a reflection of your personal style. The choices that you make in planning your event will dictate if it goes with a bang or a whimper.

We pride ourselves on impeccable attention to detail and budget.

Family celebrations will often involve a wide range of ages and as many challenges.

If your just looking for a venue, tell us and we’ll try and find you the right spot.

Sometimes it’s easier to ensure that the part goes with a bang if you create a theme. Through our extensive expertise we can transform your home, the village hall, a ballroom or a garden to take your guests anywhere you’d like them to go.

We will be with you from the start of the planning right through to your big day. We will negotiate with suppliers and venues and/or travel agent etc; to help you create your dream wedding within your budget and then be there on the day to ensure everything is as you want it.

During the initial consultation we will discuss what aspects you would like us to assist you with. We will then produce a detailed proposal listing the tasks that you have set us and how we will achieve them within both the budget and the time frame.
This service also includes your own personalised mini site where you can keep abreast of your plans and where your guests, using a separate login, can view details of the venue, gift list and can RSVP online should you wish.

Do you have a clear picture of what you want?

We are here to bring your thoughts into focus.

If you tell us the type of occasion that you want we will apply all of our expertise to build you a unique event that reflects your budget and your taste.

Whether you require a team building event for a tired workforce, a night out to say thank you or a party to celebrate your anniversary we will design your event around you.

We will plan your event from the first invitation through until the time your last guest leaves.

In order to do this we will meet with you (and your team) to formulate the most creative and impressive event that we are able.
Ultimately we are facilitators and will have as much or as little creative input as you wish.

Our unique client management system will keep you in control of all events from our initial contact meeting.

Our system puts you in the driving seat to make your event the very best it can be. If you want your event to be a reflection of you we can help to make your ideas happen. If you want it all to happen before your eyes, tell us and we will ‘make it so’… At a cost you control.

WHO IS THE EVENT FOR? There are 2 categories: they are either to benefit their hosts or their guests. We need to establish which and we can manage your expectations accordingly.

WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET? We will try to guide you in terms of what needs to be spent to achieve. The more you tell us the more alternatives we can offer you.

YOUR VENUE – If you want a palace in the Italian Alps we will find the one for you. If you want Wembley Stadium we will try and make it available.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR EVENT MANAGED? If you want your guests to see you running the event tell us. If you want us to be seen to be running the event we will staff it accordingly.
And if you want your event to look as if it runs itself, you’re speaking to the right people.

We will deliver on time and no budget.

What comes inside the package is up to you.

What we have is the creativity and experience to make the difference to your event, whether at home, at work or on a jolly…

And overall, were Jolly nice people.