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Natania De Cicco

event planner, wedding planner

Natania De Cicco

Montreal, QC

Making the Details Shine Bright

An event, whether it be a small get together or a grand ball, needs to be designed well enough for every moment to be spectacular. Often, hosts are so busy taking care of all the elements of their gathering, that they miss out on the company and setting they have brought together. It is more important for the host to be engaged with their guests rather than obsessing over the finer details. This makes it impossible to actually enjoy the special elements that you, as a host, worked hard at creating.

For me, as an event planner, it is important for the hosts to take part in their gathering by being a guest at their own event. Why not leave that work to someone who finds joy in it?

I have a background in Business and Accounting. This field has helped me learn how to become better at organizing myself, whether it be with numbers or with appointments. I take initiative to help people plan for events, trip itineraries and any other aspect that involves being at the aid of anyone who needs it. I am a loyal person, I'm trusted and I use all my resources to give the best advice I can.


Whether it be getting in touch with a particular vendor or are in need of a specific service, I can help you create the magic that you want in your event. If you rather sit back and watch everything come into play, all you need to do is show up and enjoy the celebration while I work out the details.
I look forward in working with you!