Testimonials for Diligent Details

One of Donna's many outstanding qualities is to take charge and get things done in an orderly fashion. I experienced her professional skills as she organized my baby shower. Donna took into consideration all my preferences as well as staying within my budget. Everything from decorating, inviting our guest, to crunch time, she gets everything done in a respectful manner. Donna works hard and accomplishes all. I would definitely recommend Diligent Details for anyone's events!

Darlene, Baby Shower

I have know Donna Gonzalez for over 10 years both professionally and socially. She has a 'get-it-done' ethic like no other. Her high energy level and gift of organization make her valuable in the sense that one gets more 'bang for their buck', because she uses time wisely. What qualifies her as an excellent planner is her ability to discern areas that might require extra attention, decide what things are truly necessary and memorable and weed out those things that put a damper on the experience. If the statement is true, "it's not the destination, but the journey", you want Donna on your side to make it the best ever!

Colleen, Various events

When we got engaged I had no idea where to start and was totally overwhelmed. Donna helped me to clear my thoughts and focus my energies so I could decide what I wanted my wedding to be. Her attention to detail was so helpful, she thought of things everyone else had overlooked. I would definitely recommend Diligent Details to anyone, whether they need a little help or a lot.

Synthche, Bride

The reason I hired Donna from Diligent Details for my daughter's graduation party was because of her experience and the good compliments that I've heard. She's got all the ideas...you name it! I did not have to worry about how it was going to be done because she had my trust. The party was almost completely in her hands which allowed me to enjoy it and that was a big relief to me. After my daughter's graduation party I received so many comments on how well it was organized. We worked very well together. I thought she was the best!

I will always be thankful Donna! - Susan, Mother of Grad