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Jen Finch

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Jen Finch


Inspirational Days will make your event perfect...

My name is Jen Finch I am the creator of inspirational days. I look to aim to make any event perfect for my clients. What inspirational days is all about is the client we aim to provide the best quality service to ensure that our client’s are pleased with the success of their event. Inspirational days cater for all types of events weather it is a wedding or a party. Inspirational days will work with our clients to make sure that all their needs and requirements are met to a high standard of service.

My Qualifications

After I finished school I went onto further education at a local college where I studied Travel and Tourism I learnt a lot of different aspects in the travel and tourism industry and one of the aspects were events, I had to organize my own event which is when I knew that wedding and event planning was defiantly what I wanted to do in life.

Now I am studying through the QC school of Wedding and Event planning which is step by step making me closer to fulfilling my dreams.

My Background

I Live in Oxford and have done all my life, I am very organized and very enthusiastic. I recently got married which is why I realize how stressful it can be for the bride and the groom so having a wedding planning can take the stress away from it all.


Inspirational days cover all different types of wedding ceremonies. What inspirational days offers is a variety of options open to the client depending on weather the client wants us to plan just a fraction of their event or wedding or the entire event. We work closely with our clients to ensure all the factors that they need are included nothing is order or done without their say so. We offer any type of event such as baptism, Holy Communion; cooperate parties, weddings, children’s parties, team building events and many many more. Any event that our client wants inspirational days will ensure they can make it a huge success. Each event inspirational days will assist you through the process of the event weather it is inspecting the venue or meeting with the vicar.

So if you want your event to be a massive success then contact inspirational days so we can start fulfilling your dreams.