Amy Haigh

event planner , wedding planner

'Your Memorable events'

My name is Amy Haigh, and I have a passion for event and wedding planning. I am only new to the industry of event planning but I have been studying Hospitality for a few years and have gained a Cert 3 in this area as well as my RSA,(Responsible Service of Alcohol).

I have not planned many large functions but I have planned a few small dinners for friends and their families, Girls night-in functions, and I have also helped in small areas of a large fundraising Ball that is held annually.

I have seen the planning that goes into large functions as well as small functions. I know that you need to put 110% into all aspects of the preparation, no matter how small one area of the groundwork may seem.

I am very committed to this industry, such is the passion I hold for it. I believe that 'Your Memorable Events' can do exactly that... Make your events memorable not only for yourself but everyone who is involved.


Full Planning...
Full planning starts from the very moment that you contact me. Ideas and thoughts for your function will be jumping everywhere as I start to plan the very first stages. I can plan everything from deciding on the invitations to hanging flowers at the ceremony venue on the day.

Part Planning...
Part planning is planning only small parts of your function that you need help with. This might be dealing with only the vendors and making sure they are doing what you want them to do, helping you choose what the bridesmaids are wearing, even just helping with ideas for a themed party.

Co-ordinating the event...
You have all the planning of the function under control but on the day you really want to just focus on having fun and relaxing with your guests. I am able to get the plan and find out what you would like to happen on the day and I will sort out all the details and make sure that it runs smoothly for you.

Location Selection...
If you are having trouble finding the perfect location for your function,then I can help. I will recommend places whether you want a very popular or exclusive location, I can help you find it.

Vendor Referalls...
You have chosen the date and the location but now you are stuck on what vendors are the best in your area. I can recommend the best vendors for everything such as, cakes, dress attire, flowers, entertainment, transportation and catering.

Center Pieces...
If you are having trouble finding the perfect center piece, and you don't have time to make them, this is where I can help you. You can tell me your ideas, colours and even what your theme is and I will make all of your center pieces to exactly what you want.

Invitation, Place Cards, Table seating charts...
Printing all of the invitations, place cards, table seating charts etc can be very expensive, making them might be the cheaper option for you. If you feel that you do not have time to do this on your own, I can help you. Whether it be with the design ideas or making them for you, I will help in any way you need me to.

Events Include:
+ Weddings

+ Corporate Functions
- large and small

+ Personal Parties
- Birthdays
- Anniversary
- Christenings/Religious Ceremonies
- Engagement Parties
- Bucks/Hens Nights
- Themed Parties
- Christmas/Halloween/Easter Parties
- Wakes

Any event, small and large can be planned to YOUR specific needs and wants, I will make sure that YOU get the event exactly how YOU want.