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Yee Kheng Tan

event planner , wedding planner

Yee Kheng Tan

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Let us make your special day a memorable, romantic and breathtaking occasion with Bliss Avenue's unique touch.

We are a home business specialising in bombonieres, favors, gifts and accessories. With a youthful and energetic team, Bliss Avenue is established in 2011.

I would like to introduce my background briefly. I've been working in retail pharmacy for almost 5 years. I was inspired by one of my friend's wedding last year. It's really amazing that a wedding can be made unique and personalised by so many creative ideas. I think this is a very exciting and interesting career. I'm glad that I'm here now to play a role in weddings.


Do take your time and enjoy a pleasant stroll through our website to know more about us and what we have to offer you.

We focus on quality and elegance and at the same time offer affordable prices. We do more than just selling items. What we find more rewarding is our skill and creativity that we present to our clients. If you would like your bombonieres to be customised or personalised, please make an appointment to discuss your preferences with us. We do our best to fulfill customers' requirements.