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Kyra Kettle

event planner

Kyra Kettle

Sooke, BC

Lucidity Events- experience the difference lucidity makes

Lucidity Events is dedicated to providing events specific to the needs of each individual that results in utter satisfaction and an overall outcome of something better than could ever be imagined. -Hassle free. Whether you want to make all of the decisions or very few, it is up to you to how you want to leave your event in my hands so you can enjoy the excitement without the stress! We provide those that see the best, to have the best, as their own, as any dream, person, accomplishment or belief is reason to celebrate!

I Kyra Kettle, created Lucidity Events as I have always loved celebrations, and how special or loved they made me feel, whether I was the reason for the party, or the one throwing it. Either way, I loved to feel appreciated. I want to proffer everyone the opportunity to have what they imagine, become lucid and real. I want to take that imagery, and make it real, no matter what the type of event. I want to create an event that consists of uniquely tweaked elements to provide an event clients never thought imaginable!


Lucidity Events services on Vancouver Island. Packages differ for every client as each one is suited to meet your specific needs. Planning ranges from event day, to full planning, depending on your desires so please contact me for a package specific to you!

Services Include:

Special events; Birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, engagements, baby showers, holiday parties, corporate events, weddings; consultations, partial planning, or full planning, the possibilities are endless!

I like to note the personality, style and characteristics of my clients to further develop and understand the image they have already created in their mind and make it lucid. These mental notes help to further comprehend the vision they want and allow me to hunt for the elements to create this unique event within their budget.

Contact me today and experience the lucidity!