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Megan Hartlen

event planner , wedding planner

Megan Hartlen

Allentown, PA

I have been taking businesses classes since 8th grade. All aspects of the business world intrigue me and I love learning new things about marketing, management, and the like. From birthday parties to Christmas get-togethers, I try to find an excuse to plan events. I love focusing on all the details and major aspects of any event. Putting things together to make other people happy makes me happy! I love that I have the opportunity to learn and then excel in such a fun and rewarding career. The event and wedding planning industry will never fail to keep me happy with me work, won’t bore me, and will always leave me asking for something new.

I have the determination and willingness that will keep me moving towards my goals. My detailed-oriented mind keeps me from missing portions of the planning process. I have an upbeat attitude, turning negatives to positives whenever possible. Being flexible is one thing I strive for, since it can lead to creative problem-solving, new clients, and original ideas. I can not wait to start my planning career! So if anyone needs some help planning anything, please let me know!


Event Planning: small or large parties of any kind
Wedding Planning: from consultations to the big day