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Kelly Macneil

event planner , wedding planner


From small budgets to large ones, I can be your guide to making the most of your event. I look into the small details that make your event memorable.
Weddings, theme parties, corporate events, grand openings are just a few of the services I offer. If you think of the event I can help plan it.
If you are running of out of time, and just need a few things done or if you don't know where to begin, I’m the girl to help you get things done in time, and on budget.

I'm currently enrolled in Quality Course Wedding and Event planning course. I took an interest in event planning when I started organizing parties at a local restaurant in my area. It started with decorating and has risen from there.
I've helped plan a successful wedding and also 3 stag and does. I've also done 2 bachelorette parties.
I'm great with planning charity events as well. I've planned silent auctions, raffles, charity dinners and open houses; all of which have been a huge hit and have raised a lot of money in the process.
My most recent project was a 1st Birthday Party. What an exciting time for parents and relatives. I made the event very personal, making sure every detail was looked into. A play area for the kids, pictures from birth until a week before the event were strung around the rooms, a pink cupcake cake and matching cupcakes for everyone who attended. Pink was the theme, and I made sure that everyone knew it. Keeping it simple and yet there was always something going on.
I take all things into consideration; client needs and wants, age appropriate parties, and the list goes on and on.


I offer FREE consultations!
Prices depend on the size of the event and timeline given.
My services run from being and event designer, event director, event coordinator, and personal guide through you event. I will help do it yourselfers and those who don’t want any involvement.
Most companies need at least 8 months to a year to plan a wedding; I can do it on a smaller timeline if needed and still give you the same results.
If you need just a few things kept organize I am also the one to help. Whether it be keeping track of guests, or help on the actual day of the event to make sure everything runs exactly as planned, so you can be stress free and actually get to enjoy the event taking place.
I base my services on budget and timeline. Contact me for your free consultation and I will get your event taking off in no time!


Kelly was my event planner for both my Buck and Doe and Bachelorette Party. She is highly organized and made both events stress free for myself. My fiancée at the time had proposed to me not long before he was headed for business in another country and would not be back until right before our wedding. We both wanted a Buck and Doe, but had no idea how we would find the time to organize our Engagement Party, plan most of our wedding and also try and plan the Buck and Doe before he would be taking off. We decided that we wouldn’t do the Buck and Doe as it was jus too much for us to handle, but then Kelly approached us and offered to leave it in her hands while we went away on a vacation for a week. When we came back from our trip we were amazed at how much she had already done. Our whole Buck and Doe was planned! I had told her I wanted it to be country and western themed as I was living out in Calgary and thought it would only be appropriate. She organized a budget, created and ordered our tickets, made posters to advertise at our work, bought decorations, created t-shirts for everyone in the wedding party and organized all the games. She had also booked the event location, was working on attaining our insurance and drinking license, and helped to find a DJ. I was amazed at what she had accomplished in as little as one week! Kelly was very efficient and helpful in the whole process. She would always ask for our opinion, was sure to keep us informed and was certain that the party would meet our expectations in everyway. Leading up to the event she created a floor plan and helped to organize who was doing what the day of to be sure the process would run smoothly. The night of the event was amazing. It was truly flawless! Kelly was in the background the whole time ensuring everything was going according to plan. I thought the Buck and Doe would never happen, but thanks to Kelly and her great planning skills we were able to have one of the best parties yet! Kelly did such a phenomenal job that I asked her to also plan my Bachelorette Party. Again, we had a great night and everything ran very smoothly. I would highly recommend Kelly’s skills to anyone that needs an event planned no matter the size or budget.

Lindsay & Brad McElroy