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Miriam Billet

makeup artist

Miriam Billet

Lawrence, NY


My name is Miriam Billet and as your Certified Makeup Professional I look forward to bringing out your natural beauty using understated, yet, simple makeup techniques. I believe that everyone already has the natural beauty that is so desired, they just need help bringing it out. Each client is a unique individual and I apply their make up as such. My goal is for you to look in the mirror and see the best you that there is.

I was born and raised in New York and I have always enjoyed doing makeup for myself, my family, and my friends. Based on this enjoyment I decided to pursue a professional degree in makeup artistry.

I managed to use my skills to acquire for myself the position of Hair and Makeup Director for the Stern play and earned a glowing review from a critic in attendance:

“One of the most surprising parts of the play was just how well the costumes and makeup told their own stories. Stern women are universally lauded as among the most feminine in the world, but while the cast paraded about the stage I could have sworn that half of them were men. Through costumes that defined specific roles with uncanny precision and makeup that hinted at facial hair, sharp cheekbones and chin definition, I dared to believe that I was watching a cast of men and women indiscriminately mixed together. I had worried that I could not possibly enjoy a female cast attempting to talk in deep voices, suppress the shapes of their bodies and haphazardly stuff their hair into caps. I was all at once impressed and disturbed by the uncanny ability of Stern women to aptly portray men. I’m not sure that I’ll ever again stroll about the Wilf Campus without secretly wondering whether covert SCDS members have infiltrated the men’s college.”


I am available to do hair and makeup for all occasions as well as theater productions. I am able to travel within the New York area and will take clients by appointment only. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Miriam.billet@gmail.com. I look forward to contributing to your special occasion.


I was really thrilled by Miriam's work! She was great to work with, really understood what needed to be done, and the makeup looked so natural. I got so many compliments!

Shana Neumann