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Lord Victor Diaz

wedding planner

Everything you need for your special day. From Invitations, Decorations, Make up, Organizing, Planning and Coordinating your Dreams Wedding.

Diaz & Lloyd International Wedding Planner is a small company located in the vicinity of South Woodford, managed directly by their owners.

We have a large portfolio of vendors who offer discounts and privileges than any other company of wedding planner can improve.

We offer a wide range of wedding design and management, with experience in fashion, makeup, invitations design and floral arrangements.

For any question, pricing or ideas please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We offer a wide range of design, management and coordination of weddings, with experience in wedding dresses, hairdresser, make up and floral arrangements.

We are a small company with many years of experience in weddings organized in Spain and South America.

Diaz & Lloyd International Wedding Planning is starting the British market on 2010 hoping to provide a perfect standard for British and European brides.