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Lisa Wood

event planner , wedding planner

Imcomparable service for your imcomparable event

Planning an important life event is a challenge for anyone. That's where Perfect Day come in. We offer a range of services, from full wedding planning to more general event planning, to wedding day coordination. By hiring us as your wedding planner or event planner, you make all the decisions, and we do all the hard work! Our wedding planner and event planner service is based in Essex.

Perfect Day Event and Wedding Planners was launched in 2011 by Lisa Wood. After 17 years working in Business and Group Travel, I decided to change careers. It was then whilst planning my own wedding that I discoveredmy passion for planning, and was delighted on the day when it all came together just as I had planned.

Having also worked with many large corporate companies making travel arrangements and being allowed to accompany them to their events, I wanted to work on the full planning of events.


Planning a wedding is a challenge for anyone. It takes top executive communication skills, business flair, and strong negotiation techniques. That's where Perfect Day Weddings come in. We offer a range of services, from full wedding planning, to a more limited, supportive role, to wedding-day coordination. We recognize that some brides like to keep maximum control over the preparations, and we offer advice or assistance as needed. In other cases, brides start out without a wedding planner only to find themselves overwhelmed as time goes on. That’s why Perfect Day are willing to step in a few weeks or months before the big day. We also offer to serve as coordinators only on the wedding day itself.

Your planning a special occassion
...and you want it to be perfect. That’s where Perfect Days would be able to assist. It may be that you or someone you know is approaching a special occasion in their life, it might be:

You want to plan a surprise party
...we can help by distribution invites, receiving replies and co-ordinate the occasion. This helps keep your party a surprise as you’ll only need to contact Perfect Days and not all the different suppliers needed to organise your party; this will reduce the chance of being caught and the surprise spoilt.

A wedding anniversary
... such as silver or ruby. You may want to hold a party to remember your day but you’ll soon realise there are lots of services to arrange. Perfect Day can save you time and worry by organising your party for you. We can find your venue, organise the catering, entertainment, cake, venue decoration, invitations.

A birthday
...18th, 21st, 30th, 40th and you want to celebrate in style - perhaps a stretch limo for you and your friends, or a party with a theme and you may require costume hire for your guests. With our capability, Perfect Day will organise your birthday leaving you thoroughly relaxed to enjoy the day knowing everything has been planned to guarantee you have a truly tremendous birthday.

You are organinsing stag or hen nights
...and require help and ideas to make sure it is an unforgettable occasion for all. We can help find accommodation, organise activities and offer guidance.