Revae Parker

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Revae Parker
Pensacola, FL

Full Service Event and Wedding Planning

Looking for an event partner to help you take your event to the next level? Look no further, Rogue Events can help! Rogue Events provides event planning, coordination, consulting, and staffing to help your event become a success throughout the Pensacola and Gulf Coast area. At Rogue Events, our mission is to make every event fun, exciting, enjoyable, and safe. Let us share our passion with you and your event!


Rogue Events with experienced staff has been in the field for years learning from the best. Our staff has experience in Corporate Events, Festivals, Community Events, Conferences, Promotional Events, Commercial Recreation, Wedding Planning & Coordination, Parties, and Group Training. Event Staffing

All events need staffing, but not all events have a ready staff. Rogue Events can provide exactly that. We offer a wide range of services for staffing including: room setting, decor, equipment preparation, ticketing, event labor, promotions, and sales. We also offer booking with our partner vendors including but not limited to DJs, photographers, florists, bakers, caterers, and equipment rental specialists.

Event Consulting

Rogue Events offers Event Consulting for event planners. If you are new to event planning or from out of town, Rogue Events can help you to choose locations and vendors, sift through logistical issues such as permits, insurance, and contracts, as well as marketing, promotions, and invitations.

Event Planning & Coordinating

Hosting or planning an event? Rogue Events can organize your planning process and coordinate your vendors and event details on the day of your event. Clients can choose to enable one or both products to make your event