Graciela Chan

event planner

Graciela Chan
San Antonio, TX

The Day You Will Never Forget!

My name is Graciela Chan, I am a future wedding/event planner. I can plan weddings, birthdays, meetings and much more. I am very fair and can guarantee you will be very satisfied.

I was born in San Antonio Texas and lived in San Antonio my whole life. I graduated Highschool in 2009, i actually graduated 1 year early. After highschool i went to a Community College and majored in business and dance because i wanted to open my own business to become a choreographer. Of Course I ended up changing my major and wanted to become a wedding/event planner, i just believe i'll be so much happier doing this and have so many ideas to express to people/clients. I currently have no experience but plan to have many that are all beautiful!