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Julia Craft

event planner

Julia Craft

Melbourne, FL

Helping to Organize Home and Life Events

Order and focus of the mind start with an organized and structured surrounding. With true focus, clarity and structure, order isn’t far away. These are the words I live by. As a mother of four, a student finishing up a Bachelors degree, founder of a nonprofit, ministry leader in church, and entrepreneur, order and time management are what I count on to achieve my potential for success. I have learned to align my goals and plans by time management and structure of my environment. These are the things I offer, bringing peace of mind and possibilities to your success as well.

Growing up in the Melbourne, Florida area I bring an established knowledge of the area and reference base to Julia Craft Organizing and More. This allows me to offer peace of mind and solid experience to your organizing needs. Four children have given me the valuable gift of experiencing those days that were out of order with much chaos, setting me on a quest for order, structure and focus. I attended Liberty University, obtaining a Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus on Business Administration. I am IEPP in Event Planning and IAPO in Professional Organizing Certified through QC Career School, giving me a wide range of knowledge bringing valuable skills in helping to organize your home and life events.


Home, home office, kids and student organizing are what I specialize in. Along with support on meal planning, time management and schedule blocking. I look forward to serving you in your endeavor, clearing your path to your dreams and success.