Testimonials for Verna Hickman

I write this letter as a recommendation for Verna Rose Hickman and her company. My son and daughter -in-law married in September and I know it would not have been possible if it were not for Verna . Verna found out about my son’s wedding in July and began the plans. My son was in Iraq and my daughter -in-law in East Texas. The wedding was to take place in South Texas in September. Verna began the plans right away. She did all the planning, all the decorations, made both the groom’s and the bride’s wedding cakes, organized the rehearsal and wedding, and helped with all the clean up. She came down for one week and in that time she made the cakes, and completed all the decorations. Verna works very well under pressure. We would not have made it without her. It was a beautiful wedding and that is due to the help, organization, and the ability to keep everyone calm in the midst of the storm attitude of Verna. Thank you very much and may God bless you greatly for many years to come.

Sincerely, Tabetha Swiful

On May 7, 2002, my children surprised my husband and me with a 25th wedding anniversary party. One of the best things about the party was the 25th anniversary cake, provided by Verna Hickman of Fruitland. The cake was delicious and beautiful besides. It was moist, the frosting was creamy and everything about the cake was done by hand by Verna. She put great time and effort into making our special day even more special. I would recommend Verna’s cakes to any one, any time. She bakes them herself and decorates them with great patience and care. Nothing is too hard for her to do.

Gary & Katrina Cleaver Aztec, NM

Verna Hickman has prepared two very special cakes for my family over the years. The first cake was for my wedding twenty years ago. It was beautifully done and tasted extraordinarily good. I received many compliments about the wedding cakes presentation too. It was a stacked three-tiered cake covered with a swirled-swiss pattern and a floral cake topper, which Verna custom crafted to match my colors and floral. The second cake was for my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary in July of 2004. As you can imagine with a twenty-year span I wasn’t sure if Ms. Hickman was still available. So I scoured the towns of Farmington, Kirtland, Fruitland, Bloomfield, etc. and to my delight I found her. I actually ordered the exact same wedding cake again! This time Verna incorporated fresh yellow tiger lilies from House of Flowers in Farmington as the cake topper and also used them to decorate around the base of the cake. The cake was even more beautiful than from before. I received may compliments on the cakes beauty and extraordinary taste. She also assisted a great deal in the decorating and hosting our special event. It was great working with Ms. Hickman on my cake orders. I live on the West coast and she proved to be extremely detailed and well organized. She delivered on time for both events as scheduled. She has a terrific website that is user friendly and very helpful. She is a very personable individual. The bridal shops in Farmington recommended her. House of Flowers in Farmington expressed to me their pleasure in working with her and the church staff Ms. Hickman coordinated with for decorating and hosting was very pleased as well. I would highly recommend her as an event coordinator to anyone. It is her forte.

Sincerely, Audrey Hagler San Diego, CA

Verna Hickman made my wedding cake for me in September of 2004. She met with my husband, my mother and me all when it was convenient for me. I never had to drive very far. She was always well prepared, and had many cakes to select from, plus some pictures of her past work. She was very cooperative, and understood exactly what we were looking for. Come time for the wedding, our coordinator was taken ill. Verna stepped up and took care of details needed that always seem to arise at the last minute. She was amazing to say the least. I would very much recommend Verna and her business. Farmington is a rural area, and not many resources for wedding/party needs. I found her by chance, and was very lucky to find an affordable and wonderful person like Verna.

Sincerely, Patrick and Katie Roper

My husband and Verna were very close childhood friends and have maintained the friendship over the years. Verna has been involved in organizing and planning many family, church and community events. She was the proprietor of her own cake decorating business and did quite well. Upon our engagement in January 2010 my husband and I set our wedding date for May of 2010. We immediately agreed to hire Verna to organize and plan our wedding based on her past experience. She graciously accepted our offer despite such short notice. My husband and I received a consultation appointment with Verna within the week. She provided us with various reception themes and schemes. Once we decided on the theme, location, reception, entertainment and provided Verna with the details of our budget for this event she immediately set to work. Verna put together a small team of workers and requested a meeting to delegate to each team member what their assigned duties would be required for their participation in the wedding reception and wedding ceremony itself. She personally scoured the stores for the decorations and the wedding attire. She provided my husband and I with many selections of wedding cakes. She assisted us in our decision for the minister and the photographer. She assigned her team members to the different areas of decorations, entertainment, and the menu for the reception. She held meetings weekly to discuss their progress and to follow up with them on their assignments and afterwards consulted with my husband and me before giving the decision to her team members to proceed. She approached all her tasks with a high sense of urgency in order to meet the deadlines she had set for herself and her team members. The end result of Verna's hard work and dedication to having a job well done was the day of our wedding. There was very little, if any, details Verna did not oversee to ensure this was the most beautiful wonderful day of our lives and it was. The wedding went exactly as we rehearsed. The reception hall was decorated beautifully and the dinner and cakes served were more than enough for all the guests to enjoy. Verna is very active with her family and friends, her church, and her community. She possesses excellent customer relations and problem solving skills. She approaches challenges with a positive enthusiastic and energetic attitude. When one option runs out then Verna looks for another. She does extremely well in managing her home, her business, and stressful deadlines. She would be an asset to any company who is looking for a driven, goal oriented, focused individual. My husband and I would highly consider employing Verna for future family and business events. He and I highly recommend Verna for employment and business ventures.

Sincerely, Roger and Kathy Keeling