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Your Happy Day Begins With The Planning!

Mademoiselle M warmly welcome You to her Page!

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you will feel right at home. Enjoy the experience.

We believe that when there are options there is choice. Where there is choice there is freedom. And when there is freedom, dreams come to life.

It is how we like to view planning for important life events. To help you while you take your steps that matters.

We believe in the small steps. And we believe every step has meaning, significance and challenge. We think steps with events and with every wedding. Welcome to Mademoiselle M.

We plan every step, design every idea. Manage every journey. Articulate every dream.

We are state of the art consultation boutique. Our clients will seek elegance, taste and success. We know our market and we are flexible. We believe every dollar counts. Our priority is to save client time, stress and money.

We boast our relative planning experience of 7 years. We pride ourselves with our accomplishments that we've achieved in our own community. And to top it all off we assure professionalism with our QC Wedding and Events Qualification.

Mademoiselle M is a new concept. Our wedding and event consultation and planning services offer tools at your command. We offer our services in charming packages.

It is about the tiniest things. At 11.30am when the bride needs her dad to take her down the aisle, and at 3.30pm when the bride needs a thread and needle to fix the her wedding dress. At 9.15pm as the groom's granddad escorted to his hotel room to get some needed rest. In times like these we take note. We are in control yet flexible. We plan ahead yet calm in catastrophes. We are focused but multitask. We're determined and will work against all odds.

We will listen, communicate and meet you right where you are. We leave you assured that all our relationships are positive, built on trust and confidence. Whether it's with your florist, your hair salon or your bridal shop. Everything is in safe hands. We love good image and we know you do too. Choose Mademoiselle M.

We are situated in the beautiful country of New Zealand. In the North Island's city of sails, Auckland.


We warmly offer four kinds of service:

1. A CONSULTATION for event or wedding planning which involves sitting down with the client and, for a fee, discussing the details and goals of their specific events.

2. A PLANNING and PREPARATION PACKAGE starts with a consultation. We will follow through, upon being hired, by finding our clients the vendors and services they need for their event or wedding. We will coordinate one or two, some or all the details of the event. Depending on the clients needs. We could coordinate right up to the day before it takes place, to make sure everything goes without a hitch.

3. DAY-OF COORDINATION SERVICES apply to any events, weddings, parties, activities, or ceremonies our clients want us to oversee the day the're held. We are hired to give directions, problem-solve, and be available whenever and for whatever we're needed.

4. COMPLETE PLANNING SERVICES include the entire event or wedding and any other related activities. We then personally oversee and coordinate all of the activities on the day(s) they are held. Finally, we help with any post-event tasks.

We also offer our services in charming packages.

They include 'All day package'. 'Half day package'. 'Ceremony Only Package'. 'Reception Only Package'. 'Hourly Package'. 'Transition package'. 'Low Budget Package'. 'Pre-Wedding Package'. 'Priority Package' and 'Create My Own Package'.

Talk to us today.

We believe that when there are options there is choice. Where there is choice there is freedom. And when there is freedom, dreams come to life.


"We really enjoyed working with Mademoiselle M. It was such a warm and beautiful experience. They organised our catering and it was top notch. No delays. The food was delicious and warm. They also helped organise hair and make-up for the bridal party. They looked beautiful. Thank you Mademoiselle M"

The Saunders

"Meena Amso is a special relative and an awesome helper and event planner... She had organised many events but would never forget how much time and effort shes put into organising my wedding with... She put together two very special videos that were shown at the wedding reception as well as being there for me while getting my hair done, my make.. She was also involved in organising our church music and ushering people at the reception.. Shes just a natural and most amazing planner ... Thank you Meena for all ur amazing effort love you lots."

Nada Hadad-Qazanchy