Amanda Costello

event planner, wedding planner

Amanda Costello
Winnipeg, MB

Making your moments memorable.

Hello, my name is Amanda. I love working with people and going to parties and events. So what’s better than an event and wedding planning where I can do both! I am organized and professional. I strive for the best and always go that extra mile. I always encourage questions and I'm not perfect, I may not always have the answer, but not knowing the answer won’t stop me, I will do what I can to research and find the answer. I don't do just what's easy for me. I do everything to help keep the stress off you, without excluding you in the processes and what I'm doing, and will do everything I possibly can to make your day unique to you and as close as your vision as humanly possible.


For my services I offer free consultations to help get a better idea for what it is you would like me to help plan for you, to get to know you better and for you to understand just what I'm offering and how commited I am to helping you. I will help you select and book vendors, venues and anything else you need for your event/wedding. I will attend on the day of an event/wedding and/or a reception to make sure that everything goes according to plan. We can talk about what needs to be done and what's already planned or what your thoughts are to insure that you get what you want and that your day goes as you hope.