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Isabel Zaldivar

event planner , wedding planner

Isabel Zaldivar

Wellington, FL

We take care of all your events details while you relax and enjoy your day


I'm a very organized person, dedicated to each event that I plan and coordinate, very detailed in what ever it is that you want for your event, always putting my clients first and obtaining for them what ever it is they desire.
Helping any one who speaks English or Spanish.

A little about me

I have a Bachelors and Post-graduate degree in Hotel Management; I studied in Mexico City and Barcelona, Spain, while in College my mother and I started our own bakery, which was in operation for ten years and freelanced in event planning, planned and coordinated a wedding for 300 guests in 2005, another one in 2006, a birthday party for a 4 year old in 2011.

During my school and self employment years, I specialized in the Planning and coordination of social events, weddings, first communions, anniversaries, etc.

I had the opportunity of working for the HACIENDA DE LOS MORALES in Mexico City, a business established since 1966 that is dedicated to events of social character. During this time I developed the necessary knowledge and expertise to become a planner.

I have also developed my management skill working for all sorts of customer service establishments. My areas of expertise include: customer service, room service, banquets, supervising restaurants and room service, and human resources coordinator.

I’m a very organized person, always on time, 100% committed to my job, fast learner, interested in learning new things, guest oriented, self motivated and eager to work with you.


From a simple birthday party to an extravagant wedding, we can do it all.
Plan and coordinate birthdays for all ages: helping with the invitations, venue, guest list, entertainment, and music.
Anniversaries: from a romantic diner for two to a large and luxuries 50th wedding anniversary, you need invitations, venue, music, flowers, and entertainment.
Weddings: Beach, Ranch, Luxury hotel venue, themed, or any thing you desire, we can make it happen,
All types of religious and social events.
Every event has some of the same needs, like, invitations, venues, music, flowers, entertainment, etc.
We can provide everything, working with our clients to understand what they want and need, making it all happen


I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Ms. Zaldivar for her professionalism, dedication and her special interest in getting things done, without overlooking any detail. I hired her to plan my wedding in Mexico City while living in Spain. I only had to tell her what I wanted and she took it from there, I was set on the 16th of December 2006, (in Mexico we have to have separate weddings, you can’t only marry in the church you also have to go before the a Judge of the civil court to marry under the Mexican laws), since I was traveling from afar, I wanted it all to happen on the same day; I explained the my wedding coordinator (Ms. Zaldivar) the kind of food, music, flowers, colors, etc. I was also very clear is telling her how important it was for me that the church and the location of the reception should not be far from each other (Mexico City is a very complicated city and going from one place to the other can sometimes take over an hour, specially during December). I gave her the names and personal information of my maids of honor, and after that I had nothing more to worry about. I also gave her the name of the priest I wanted to celebrate my wedding, (he is a very close friend and has known me all my life.) She did it all. • She got the Church and reception hall as close to each other as a 20 minute drive hitting traffic. • She got the priest I asked for, the flowers and church decoration where exactly what I wanted, as well as the choir I had selected. • Maids of honor (with out prior rehearsal) new exactly what, when and how they had to perform, the color of their dressed was exactly what I had imagined. • She organized the photo session, party gifts, small orchestra (violins) to have a light ambiance during the meal. • She hired an excellent group that not only performed all kinds of music, but created an excellent entertaining job. • Everything she planned went on schedule. • Nothing was missing and if there was any problem I had no idea, she was on top of every possible situation that could arise. • She stayed on (with out being asked to) until I left. She also organized the wedding night suite, having sent flowers, champagne for us. (not included in the contract) I can say without hesitation that, I could not have done it myself. I actually was a guest at my wedding and had a superb time. She is the first person in my list to organize any special event that I could have in the present future. With kind regards.

The bride Tess