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Cindy Carden

makeup artist

Cindy Carden

Henrico, VA

A smile costs nothing and gives much. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment. Smile!

Hi, and welcome! My name is Cindy and I am delighted to meet you here. I am small home based business owner who resides in the state of Virginia.

My first love is education and positive people.

I am also a single mother of one of the most energetic young boys I have met! He is the love of my life and makes me smile daily! My parents keep me grounded and are my rock in this crazy day and age we live in!

I am amazed at the direction my life continues to take me. Me, a makeup artist, who would have thought?

Anything is possible when you just let go and reach out!

Come and join me and together we can bring out the beauty in you!

Beauty is not complicated when you allow yourself to play and explore the possibilities!

Most women neglect their beauty (just don't have time in their daily routine to pamper self) and believe me, I know how easy it is to let a career and family come first!

What was I thinking?

My interest in fashion and facial beauty began when my son was an infant. Now, before he was born I would dab a little lip gloss and mascarra on, but one might have considered me a tomboy in my younger days.

During the past 5 years, my son and I have competed in modeling competitions and pageants! We performed on stage with other members of the Milby's Center Stage in Richmond, Virginia. He continues to perform and is enrolled in classes where he receives instruction on how to sing, act, and dance at Milby's.

As for me I enjoy working with the pageant contestants and models. Group and private sessions are offered to teens and women who have a desire for great makeup looks.

It is my goal to bring out individual facial beauty!

I also instruct contestants on the Interview competition and how to make a lasting impression on the judges and in everyday life!

It is my intetion to provide services for girls, teens, and women of all ages to discover what works for you as an indivdual. Your skin is constantly changing, therefore the way you apply makeup will change. We can discover what works for you!


SERVICES PROVIDED: this includes consultation by phone, online, or in person prior to makeover.

Makeovers in your home.
Makeovers in my home.
Makeovers for a themed party.
Makeovers for bachlorettes/brides.
Makeovers for prom night.
Makeovers for formal event.
Modeling Shoots.
Family picture shoots.
Any special occassion.

All of my services include instruction on how you can reapply the makeup yourself at a later date. I provide the skin care and makeup: you have the option to buy the products.

Contact me: cindy@rollupbag-design.com for pricing and date/time availability! Thanks