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Yan-kay Cheung

event planner, wedding planner

Making every wish come true

Hello and Welcome to White Cotton Events.

My name is Yan-kay Cheung and I am the director of this young, fresh and creative company.

Our company will deliver you timeless events and executed to the last detail. Needless to say your guests will remember this gathering for very long.

We can help you as much as you need or as little as you want. We can advise you from the very beginning to the after party and/or give you professional advice on how to plan your event, find suppliers, discover themes etc... either way we are very happy to help.

Servicios ofrecidos también en español.

Originally from Spain, but also mixed with my Chinese background, I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 14 years. I started out helping run my family’s restaurant, and from those early beginnings, I have worked in Manchester, Chester and New York, before finally settling down in London.

I have a personal passion for event planning, and planning my own wedding was the catalyst for creating White Cotton Events. My wedding posed a very particular challenge for me in planning, it really made me realise how much I love organizing and producing special events that mean a lot to those involved

My experience in the hospitality industry has shown me how important creating a personal relationship with clients is in creating a magnificent, stress free event.

It is my personal mission, and therefore the mission of my company, to create a friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere for those who want a special event.

And that is how White Cotton Events was born, in February 2011.


What do you need?

Do you fancy a personal family dinner? Or a lavish Moulin Rouge Cabaret dinner-party?

Do you need help on getting your team hope's up with a tiring but exhilarating corporate retreat?

Or do you just want to give your Dad that very special day he deserves after 75 years?

Anything you can imagine:

- Birthday Parties with a real personal touch
- Theme Parties from a Hawaiian Luau to a Flamenco night passing through the 70’s
- Corporate events with a glitz
- Ground-breaking ceremonies, open houses, product launches with the perfect touch
- Exhibitions, fundraisers or showrooms, anything to make sure your event is in everyone's mouth
- Milestone parties, more than just another birthday
- Special family days: Christmas Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, any day is a good day for a great party
- Funerals and wakes, preparing a respectful goodbye to your beloved ones
- Wedding Planning, from the Hen’s Party to the thank you cards, from picking up invites to getting transportation for your granny, all that, always with the personal touch you want and need for your very special day


If you think of something, not really sure what it is, but you want to give it a go, contact us, we will not only do our best but we will deliver you the most amazing day you have imagined without the stress you are possible having now.

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"I want to thank a very special person today, someone who spent 2/3 months helping me to make the wedding of my dreams come true... At first I thought no one would understand what I really wanted in the first place and I was thinking, I might have to do this myself or help who ever was going to do my wedding work because no one would see what was exactly inside in my head.. When me and my husband first had the meeting with the wedding planner it felt like she was reading everything that was inside my head, I realised that her ideas was better then mine, that she knew exactly what she had to do to make my day special! When I came to the place I was in shock! I cried when I saw the amazing work she had done . Thank you!! I appreciate everything you've done! My wedding planner and now a friend, Yan-kay"

Thauane Claussen (Bride)

"We were very fortunate to have the assistance of White Cotton Events in making our event a success. The venue looked fantastic. Thank you for adding the magic of the Evening"

Cheryl Moore (PTA Cuddington Croft )

"The Team were all so wonderful and smiley. They look fantastic and were very professional. We were very proud and pleased with how the whole party went. Thank you!"

Sadie De Dominico & Maureen Drew