QC Career School

Marina Makogon

event planner

Enjoy creating events for you, as you like it

My name is Marina and i have a passion for event planning. It is a hobby of mine that makes me feel happy to see that people are smiling after I help them create an event for them.

I am of russian decent and I moved to Australia 21 years ago. I have always changed my opinion on what i want to do when i grow up. I am still in the process of working it out but one thing i know is that I enjoy creating a wonderful event.
I have graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree. The inspiration of creating events for people came about when I would slowly get more and more creative when it came to making my families functions.
At this stage event planning is a hobby of mine and I signed up for this course to learn more about the art of event planning. I have a passion for this and it shows in all the family functions I have done.
I am sometimes shy but once you get to know me I have a kind attitude and I am a good listener which is important in this industry. I love my family and friends they are the most important people to me.


Once I establish a more solid standing with event planning, I would like to be able to provide my clients with everything they want. Throughout the last 4 years I have been creating event for my family and saving items that would help me decorate future events.
I would like to have most items myself so I don't always have to go to an outside source and provide my clients with the best price fro my services.


"Marina made my birthday unique and specially decorated for me" "Best birthday I have ever had with no hassle to me"


"I told Marina what i wanted for my party and that i didn't have a theme planned. Marina helped me brainstorm a theme and create an event that i wanted to be part of. It was a wonderful celebration and i enjoyed myself immensely."


" Marina helped my family create a surprise party for me. The event was magnificently decorated and I enjoyed myself. The extra activities that were organised such as all the poker tables, people enjoyed themselves and said it was an event they will never forget nor will I."