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Arielle Budow

event planner , wedding planner

Arielle Budow

Baltimore, MD

Fresh and Young....I'm a newlywed myself, but I'm ready to help everyone else out there who needs an extra helping hand.

My name is Arielle Budow-Reyhan. I am currently living in Baltimore, MD. I am very excited to be starting my business soon! I am a wedding and event planner for all different types. I cater to all; young, old, generic, original, etc. Whatever the client wants, I will serve. I am also here to work with any type of budget and make a client's dream come true. I myself, am a newlywed and understand the stress of a wedding and prices so I am here to accommodate. I am hoping to show my clients how we can take simple things and make them beautiful or we can go all out and make the wedding or event an extravagant night that no one will forget.

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania definitely makes you want to dream big! I always knew I wanted to do something I would love to do, but it took me a long time to figure it out. I lived in Yardley, PA my entire life and had a great childhood. My parents are the type of people that always believed in there kids and whatever they wanted to accomplish they would support them in anyway possible.
I was never the straight A student, but I worked hard. Really hard. Sometimes I would work so hard and I wouldn't even see my results and this would upset me terribly. I was always the type of kid that became down on myself quickly and never thought I was good enough. But, there were times I did really well and it was a good feeling.
When I entered college at Yeshiva University in New York city I had no idea what I wanted to do. All my friends were going into Pre Med or Psych or Law. None of these interested me. I wanted to do something fun and that I enjoyed, and that I knew I would be good at and not feel inept. When I realized there was a world of Communications, I finally felt my calling. I majored in English-Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. It was the perfect fit for me. I had three internships under my sleeve by the time I was 22 and it felt great. By 21 I was engaged to now my husband and my mother hired an event planner. She was with us the entire way. Day and night. She really made a huge impact on my wedding. Every little detail was taken care of because of her. My mom looked at me one day and said, "You would be really good at this." I didn't believe her at the time, but the more thought I put into it, the more I thought how much fun would this be? I love weddings and events and to be able to plan and organize the entire process, it sounds great to me! And here I am...a current student of this fabulous program. I am hoping to finish by the fall and earn my certification. I am also hoping to plan my friend's daughter's birthday party in December as my first ever job. I am very excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to see what my future holds. I might be only 22, but I am ready to take on the event/wedding world.


I offer event planning such as: birthday parties, corporate events, anniversary parties, house warming parties, holiday parties, bbq parties, costume parties, and any other event the potential client comes up with. I offer all wedding planning coordination. I have different packages that the bride can choose from. From planning and prep package to complete planning services, the bride has a wide range to choose from. This also goes for my event services as well. Prices will not be included on this site. Please contact me for further information.