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Amanda Roumian

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Amanda Roumian

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“Hi, I’m Amanda!”
I’m Founder, Director, Operational and Coffee Maker of The Eventree Company!

“At the Eventree Company, I listen and create, while you enjoy”

The Eventree Company is a dynamic business, simply and fully devoted into bespoke services that will give you an innovative approach to wedding design, event planning & management. Passionate for design and entirely dedicated to the attention to detail and in the delivery of faultless events, The Eventree Company will create for you a Unique, Bespoke, and Pressure free event.

Who am I?
My name is Amanda and I’m one of those lucky people who love what I am doing for living. I was born and grew up in France on the splendid French Riviera. I did my studies at the Economic University of Nice in Organisational Management and even got a Master Degree and Title as an organisational consultant for that! Lately and only after a great training in the most recognised school in Canada, I became a wedding consultant.
I spent my last five years working in the events industry in France, London and now Italy.
I am living in the two most different cities that I have ever been to: the exciting City of London and the charming and characteristic City of Brindisi. Brindisi is one of the major cities in Apulia in South of Italy but we will have plenty time to talk about it...
When I am not at my desk working with my re heated cup of tea, I love being with my family and friends travelling, taking photographs, trekking and doing all kinds of manual work and craft! I’m passionate about design and architecture, love wine, try to eat organic, I care about my planet, but don’t switch the lights off, and certainly use still too much water... I believe that making the most of what you have is the minimum that you should give to yourself and that tolerance is key to Understanding!


“In our hands, your wedding will be considered with all the importance that you would expect and deserve.”

The Eventree Company is giving you:
Something that nobody can afford anymore these days: my TIME
Something that few people admit having: a ”freakiness” about DETAILS and PERFECTION
Something that you just learn and experience with time: my EXPERTISE
Something that I have: my CREATIVITY and my SOCIAL skills

The Eventree Company will design, create, and organise your wedding but also any kind of your social and work events including: engagement parties, birthday parties, seminars, conferences, anniversaries, baptisms etc…
Its services are based on unlimited assistance emails, calls, full attention to the Customers, attention to the details, high level of empathy to understand the Clients' tastes and needs. EC offers a large and complete range of services where you will definitely find your cup of tea!

Planning services: legal work, search of all suppliers, budget, etc…
Coordination services: Transportation (except flights) and logistic, guest list, gift list, coordination on the day, guest accommodation etc…
Creation services: search for theme and creation of the wedding design
EC also suggests you some package ideas:
The Full one: The “I’m getting married but can’t do it all by myself…”
The Rescue one: The “Please help me, it’s a disaster!!”
The Consultation one: The “I have done it all but please… Could you cross check??”
The Green one: The “I want to make something more out of my wedding day!”