Laurie Pecher

event planner, wedding planner

Laurie Pecher
Santa Eulalia Del Rio

For one of a kind events and weddings

I have always had a passion for organizing and planning group dinner parties, birthday parties, city trips with friends, group holidays etc. and when I moved to Ibiza in 2008, my idea to establish a wedding and events agency began to develop as I was inspired by its idyllic location.  Someone once told me that when you visit Ibiza you will either love it or hate it, no in between. In my case, I fell head over heels in love with the island and dare I say it, Ibiza is one of the best places in the world to get married or hold that unforgettable party. Its almost endless array of beaches, hotels, restaurants and boats make it virtually impossible to choose your perfect wedding venue. Whether you are seeking an intimate ceremony on a secluded beach, an elaborate affair in a chic hotel or a something with a rustic, hippy vibe, Ibiza offers all of these and more…

I believe that every wedding is unique and should reflect the couple’s individuality and style.  A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and the assistance of a professional will help to bring your perfect day into fruition, providing you with the peace of mind to relax and enjoy the celebrations.

The services of a professional are particularly valuable when planning a wedding abroad. Local knowledge and the ability to communicate effectively with the ‘locals’ will make all the difference to both the smooth planning and the final day itself.

I grew up in Antwerp, Belgium, and studied Communications / Advertising before doing my Master in Business English in Miami, USA.  Following my graduation I moved to Ibiza where I worked as a metal trader for 4 years.  

As Ibiza has such potential as a venue for events, I began organizing bachelor parties, university reunions and weddings for family and friends for pleasure. I soon began to realize that not only did my ‘hobby’ give me great satisfaction but from the positive feedback received it also had the potential to become a viable business. As a result I decided to pursue it and subscribed for an international event and wedding planning course, starting my own agency upon its finalisation.


THE COMPLETE PACKAGE: Complete guidance from the planning stage including; scheduling, selection & consultation with venue, design plan, mood board, decoration, budgeting service and full on the day coordination.
Fee:  10% of the overall budget (minimum charge of €2,000).

THE STYLE PACKAGE: The creation of a design plan and mood board, consultation with the venue and sourcing / decoration of the venue.
Fee:  €450

THE VENUE PACKAGE: We assist you to find the perfect venue to host both your ceremony, reception and accommodate your guests.
Fee: €300

THE FINANCIAL PACKAGE: Allow us to help you maximise the possibilities for your special day and co-ordinate all financial aspects with our budget planning service.
Fee: €150

THE DAY PACKAGE: On the day coordination to ensure that your special day is eventful for all of the right reasons.
Fee: €700

BESPOKE HOURLY CONSULTATION: Perfect for those who wish to plan and manage their own wedding and require our assistance in certain areas only. Please contact us to discuss our hourly rates.


On arrival we were welcomed at the airport by Laurie and directly taken to our residence for our bachelorette trip . After a tour around the beautiful house, we directly felt at ease. Taking a plunge in the pool was super refreshing and we could start off the holiday right then and there! Laurie made sure we were informed about all the activities in advance and arranged for cars as well. In this way, we could totally relax and enjoy ourselves, with nothing on our minds except for partying and having a good time. I especially remember the boat trip, it was amazing! Just a couple of good friends, musics, drinks and the ocean. I was really glad not having to be stressed about too many things so we could focus on the main reason of our trip: celebrating the bride! If you want a well organized fun trip for your bride our groom, Laurie is the one who'll take care of it all!"

Julie Maris Belgium (Bachelorette party Ibiza)