Nicole D'Angelo

makeup artist

Nicole D'Angelo
New Hope, PA

Organic MakeUp Girl (OMG) is a makeup line for any girl who strives for natural beauty, spirituality, confidence, and just a better way of l

Nicole is an outgoing, vivacious, eco-conscious, fashion forward, glam girl with a ‘Take me as I am’ attitude. She believes in being in being an energy source NOT an energy vampire as well as bringing together all the soul sisters of the universe to be true to the environment and enhance wellbeing.
Originally from New Hope PA, Nicole has lived in many major cities on the East Coast including, Philadelphia & New York City. She attended Muhlenberg College and Temple University studying Vocal Performance, then continued her education at Manor College where she finished first in her class and received an additional degree and license in Dental Hygiene. Nicole has certificates and degrees in various other professions including Zumba and Event Planning. I guess you could say she is a ‘jill’ of all trades.
Nicole grew up in the “Dental World” being the product of a Dentist Dad and Dental Hygienist Mother. However, she had an undying love of the arts. Nicole became entranced with the beauty and glamour of the stage. Not only for the art of performing, but for the ability to transform into another person. That was her introduction to the beauty industry.

I believe in looking healthy & glamorous even when walking the dog, taking out the garbage, and going to the gym. I believe in makeup that enhances natural beauty NOT makeup that is caked on and suffocating your pores. Get the FAKE out of dodge! And feel good all at the same time.

I was always fascinated by beautiful women, I try to take bits and pieces of different styles to form my own unique attire. In my early teens I really started experimenting with my own look, which, let’s say, was a little ‘dramatic.’ My taste seemed to change with every season, mood, trend, etc. I first began with glitter. It was the late 80s and there was glitter…everywhere. I had every shade of glitter I could find and it went with me… even when I stopped wearing it. (You know that stuff is impossible to get out of clothing!) Then, in the late 90s, it was hair color. I went from jet black (which cost me a 4 hour appointment at the salon and a day off of school), to purple (mistake), to green (also, a mistake), and grey (yet another mistake). Eyes were my favorite though. Lots of colors and textures and I LOVED false eyelashes (still do). I will admit, it was a little excessive. I wore fake eyelashes at every pep rally and every Friday with my cheerleader uniform 4 full years of high school. I respect beauty but most of all, personality. When I do makeup, I try to bring out (not only) your best physical features, but your spirit and inner beauty…. Because, that’s how I would want mine to be.


There are many toxic chemicals in cosmetic products that have been clinically proven to cause cancer, tumors, irritation and many different skin disorders. I use products from 100%Pure, Couleur Caramel, Tarte, NVEY, and a few others. They are all natural, organic, vegan, & safe. There are no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial colors/fragrances, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins. I used to associate the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ with tree hugging hippies who don’t bathe, don’t shave, & give themselves a Puerto Rican shower of petrulli oil and cat pee when they go out. OMG was I wrong!
I pride myself in educating my clients about staying safe within the world of beauty and cosmetics. I offer many services including:

Everyday Wear: The O.M.G Makeup Project – For all girls/boys. Enhances natural beauty, conceals minor flaws, brightens your face, and life your spirits all together.

Corrective/Medical Makeup: This involves concealing or covering a medically related flaw. This application could be used for accident victims, cancer patients, cosmetic surgeries, skin conditions (i.e. rosacea and acne), etc.

Character Makeup: This application requires that you change the overall look of the ‘character.’ Everything about character makeup is exaggerated which may mean turning a frog into a prince or an old witch into a beautiful princess. This look is great for the stage, some intense photo shoots, and special effects (creating cuts, bruises, etc).

Fashion/Glamour Makeup: This is avant-garde, fashion forward makeup that is TOTALLY extravagant, outrageous, fascinating, and glamorous! This application uses bold colors and unusual lines/forms. The goal is to create a look that will enhance the outfit worn by the model. Completely creative, utterly fabulous.

Bridal Makeup: This is type of makeup application involves enhancing a person’s appearance without looking artificial. Get the FAKE out of dodge! *For Bridal Makeup – 2 visits:

Preview (Consult) at Office
• Bride $75
• Moms & Attendants $40 ea
Lights, Camera, Action!
• Bride $125
• Moms & Attendants $50 ea
• Bride $150
• Moms & Attendants $75
**NOTE** For onsite makeup locations more than 20 miles, we will charge a travel fee. Parties of 5 or more 20% gratuity is added. 50% deposit to reserve date. Non-refundable if cancellation is less than 45 days.

Miscellaneous Services: live events, television, film, & makeup for photography
**What I require before our first session is a photo of your face or a headshot, a short description of what you would like to accomplish with your look, and a list of all allergies and skin disorders sent to: